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Hair Fall Problem|Resolute Hacks with 5 Best Natural Remedy

Is it only hair fall, or something else that is hindering your way of having a lusciously-volumed bouncy spring? Time to figure that out

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Have you ever daydreamed about having long-drawn and shiny hair like Rapunzel? Well, you will obviously say that is a ridiculous thought. As some of you have excessive and frustrating hair fall problem, this kind of fantasy can be quite luxurious.

Nevertheless, nature has always kept the most glorious blessings around us. So, just carry a little bit of patience. It is time to unwrap some century-long inherited yet effective natural remedies.

Together, we are now going to discover the root of natural hair care miracles. Later, you will find some bonus well-being tips, as we are in Health Freaks, of course!

Hair Fall Problem: Some Nature’s Secret Revealed

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To prevent hair fall, rather than some highly processed, artificial solution, home remedies possess potentially multi-dimensional benefits to revive your healthy scalp and hair.

Let’s get started with the first one.

Fenugreek seeds

This one is a wonder herb, the fenugreek seed.

Fenugreek seeds contain the necessary nutrient factors to reduce hair fall, limit dandruff attack, and grow new hair.

Moreover, you will find scientifically successful researches on the above claim.


· Apply fenugreek paste as a hair mask. Contrarily, you can make fenugreek seed oil.

· Leave the mask for at least 45 minutes before washing your hair.

Aloe Vera

Rough hair is the grand enemy of hair volume; we all know that. However, how can we tame the stubbornness of it then?

The solution is quite simple.

You need to use some natural conditioner to preserve your hair’s regular moisture. For example, you may like the idea of using Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera plant
Image taken by the Author at Dhaka, Bangladesh

To solve the hair fall problem, Aloe Vera carries proteolytic enzymes. Additionally, it is an excellent source of antioxidants that can repair your hair’s broken cells.


· Mix some natural aloe Vera gel with an egg yolk and some olive oil. Blend it and apply it as a mask.

· Use regularly to see significant results.


Henna leaves have been used to grow hair, treat dandruff, and lessen hair fall from ancient times. On the whole, it can be considered as an incredible gift of Ayurveda science.

Well, here is a short note for better results.

Try to make your own henna paste rather than using the henna pack from various cosmetics companies.


· Make a henna pack using the henna paste, yogurt, and egg yolk.

· Use this pack once a week and continue for several months to see significant hair loss changes.

Neem leaves

Oh! Here we are, with a bittersweet natural solution.

From childhood, whether it was health issues or skin itching, we have noticed multiple usages of neem leaves. Especially in South Asian countries, neem is often used in all types of skincare products.

Simply, what makes them so diverse?

The neem leaves from my garden, Image taken by the Author at Dhaka, Bangladesh

Neem leaves contain fatty acid, which improves overall hair condition and also ensures strong, lively hair. Anti-bacterial properties of neem leaves also keep your hair dandruff free.


· To use neem leaves extract, first, boil the leaves in water. Let it cool down and use it in wet hair.

· You can also directly apply neem paste onto your scalp for better results.

Hot Oil Massage

Yeah, though it is a bit old-fashioned theory, trust me; this grandma’s formula actually works.

A good massage greatly stimulates the blood circulation of your scalp. Additionally, it relieves stress that can assist in recovering the health of your scalp.

Now, let us precede the oil remedy for the sparkling appearance of your hair.

Onion Oil

Image from, Image taken by Daria Shevtsova

Onion is the most common grocery of our everyday lives. People cannot think a day without putting onions in curries, especially we, the Asians. Nevertheless, familiar things can do wonder sometimes. Then, how do they work on hair actually? Let me explain.

Generally speaking, the Sulphur and anti-bacterial factors in onion assist in hair regrowth. Moreover, onion juice renders the essential nutrients to the inner hair follicles.

Well, after this unusual suggestion, I can expect the following expressions.

Wait, what are you trying to say? Onions!!!

Don’t they stink when you put it onto the scalp? How can I use it on hair?

Relax. If you are allergic to any substance inside onions, do not apply it to the scalp either.

Nevertheless, if you have problems only with the smell, mix a spoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Alternatively, the same amount of olive oil will also subside the overpowering aroma.

Recipe for Onion Oil

Take some finely chopped onions and then blend them into the mixer. Six to seven medium sizes will do. Heat the pan but make sure it is washed properly. Do not use your usual curry pans to make this oil.

Next, pour 300 ml of coconut oil into the pan. Let the oil get heated properly and release the onion mixture into it.

Then just wait for the oil to absorb the onion juice fully. When the color will change into brown, switch off the stove.

Your mammoth task is over. Strain the oil into a glass jar after cooling it off.

Some Additional Tips

Further, along with onions, you can add dried amla, hibiscus flower, neem leaves, fenugreek seeds. And, as better late than never, let the aloe vera oil do its wonder. Cut the aloe vera into thin pieces. For the rest of the procedure, follow the onion oil recipe.

A Little Reminder on the Go

· Choose any hair oil that suits you, apply a lukewarm portion, and massage gently.

· Try this method at least once or twice a week.

Although the remedies are mostly traditional Asian home-oriented spices or naturally derived from plants, some are still under ayurvedic/biological research. Hence, deep studies are being conducted till date to prove the core effectiveness of these options. That’s why I recommend discontinuing the application of the above remedies if any irritation occurs.

Underlying Causes of Hair Loss

Sometimes, hair fall may not be a mere beauty problem. Our body often tries to tell us its adverse condition through some primary symptoms. Hair fall may be the early symptoms of-

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Thyroid problems
  • Stressful life pattern
  • Improper and untimely sleeping habits
  • Menopause
  • Heredity
  • Certain medical conditions
  • Long time use of harsh chemical containing products

Chemical Effects on Hair and Skin: Introducing a Balanced Diet and Healthy Living

Almost all the above issues can be controlled under particular medications and expert supervision. However, let me focus on the last point.

Have you ever thoroughly checked the ingredients list of your long-cherished shampoos or hair-treatments?

Most people do not have the time to do so.

And, sorry to disappoint you, they contain almost every type of harsh chemicals. Obviously, the consistent application of these products may cause serious health problems along with tempering the actual health of hair.

The thing is, how to avoid these chemicals and their awful by-product effects?

Honestly speaking, it is literally impossible to keep away all the chemical-induced cosmetics from our daily lives. However, all you can do is to use the researcher-mind of yours.

Go through the component list of the shampoos or any other manufactured goods. Individually look them up on search engines and study their effects on health.

Well, maybe I can help a bit on this aspect.

At first, locate the paraben-free, alcohol-free substitutes of your traditional goods. Later, you can go for perfume –free as well as zero artificial colorant loaded supplies.

The summary of this lengthy analysis is -

Image from, Image taken by Mitch Kesler

A natural remedy is always profoundly recommended rather than allowing toxic chemicals to damage your hair. Furthermore, you should readily give importance to clean eating, a healthy lifestyle, proper sleep, and regular exercise. That way, you will be able to ensure long-standing healthful hair.

How well does it feel to embrace a change? Let me know in the comment section.

And, last but not least…

Countless home remedies for hair fall problem with one click on the search engines are widely available. Yet, it is not realistic to implement all of them.

So, I have thoroughly researched, studied, and then decided to suggest the previously presented antidotes. All of them are harmless as long as they are used in a proper way and within limits.

I really hope you will regain your confidence after reading this article.

All these remedies are descended from my family and friends’ real-life applications. Hopefully, they will push you through the boundary of controlling your hair fall.

Stay healthy folks! Stay with Health Freaks!



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