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Story of HappySoul Farm -The Heart of Organic Farming

Paint your little days blissfully and healthily rather than existing in a despairing eternity-Author

Catching a glimpse of your flourishing- makes me forget my distresses

Have you ever imagined going away from the meddling crowd? How does it feel about leaving the city shore?

Or, just picture it-

You are living beside a riverside cottage with an absolutely different lifestyle. You grow your own foodstuffs. From breakfast to dinner, every meal has the touch of your hand.

Well, enough of day-dreaming, folks! We know that city and rural life are poles apart from each other.

Whether it happens or not, there’s no harm in having a storytime. Let us explore The Legend of Organic farming.

A Day in the Life of Him

It is the tale of a dreamer with a bright and generous intellect. It’s his long-winded journey about nurturing the soil with his soul.

This tiny guy has a lot more to endure

He started from scratch and created an organic revolution in Bangladesh. Today’s article is all about Imdadul Haque Rothy, a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur, and his brainchild, HappySoul Organic Farm. I have steered a short online meeting with this energetic young fellow.

Some discussion sections have been slightly summarized by keeping the essence intact.

The articulation of this feature evolves the entire segment of Rothy’s interview. Behind -the -snap credit also goes to him.

Now, take a cup of tea and let us roam with his flight of fancy!!

A Flashback to Lead the Future at Front

The plants are greener on this side

On 2018 October 15, Rothy launched his dream-project. His organic farm is located almost 20 kilometers away from Dhaka metro, in Kalatia Village, Keraniganj, near Dhaleshwari river.

The purpose was not solely commercial at first. Rothy’s journey started with the vision of having a peaceful concentration of mind.

After spending quality time in a Monastery in Tamilnadu, India, Rothy gathered his voluntary farming experience. And, that tour entirely changed his perspective of living.

That was when he chose the divine vibe of nature’s secret over the urban community.

Gradually, he learned the core visions of farming. Let us hear the rest from him.

Author(myself)-You have begun as an entrepreneur, single-handedly. What about the human resources of the farm now?

Rothy- From the foundation phase, I have managed all of the farm’s affairs independently. However, now we have increased HappySoul’s boundary.

We own two farms now, and 11 people are directly involved in the internal supervision activities. Also, for the online marketing and delivery service, we have a total of 7 people working.

Author-After the launching of HappySoul, how many families did you get to serve? Now, what differences do you notice? Can you share a hint about the inclusive signs of progress?

Rothy-There were seven families initially in 2020. However, after last year’s flood, we had temporarily postponed our activities for around three months.

At present, we are serving more or less 400 families. Among them, 218 families are the repeated customer community of HappySoul. Currently, our service evolves around Dhaka Metro only.

Author- I am going to ask a critical question now. What do you think about the less production of organic procedures? I mean, conventional cultivation does not need such an extended period.

Besides, the production cost is less, and the quantity is almost two times higher than the organic method. Have you illustrated any plans on resolving the issue?

Rothy- Yeah, we have huge plans ahead.

The fact is-

The plants cannot identify the natural or chemical differences of their foods.

For plants, the cheapest and convenient food source is chemical fertilizer. I can simply purchase it and put it on plants. No worries.

The spirit refreshers- mint leaves

On the other hand, the most exceptional plant food resource involves the organic basis. Notwithstanding, because of the harmful chemical application, the natural source has been trapped.

Thus, it cannot provide the ultimate nutrients to the plants. So, we need to offer organic fertilizer care.

The irony is, we do not get sufficient input in Bangladesh for these plant nutrient enrichers. We can import Rock Phosphate and some bacteria culture at a much lesser cost. Dependence on the local source for these imported organic fertilizers is exceeding our budget.

Author-Can you share your envisioned version of farming insights with us?

Organic Carrot Family

Rothy-I took training from an Indian organic farm. All of the subjects related to organic farming, Ayurveda, I have absorbed from these networks. And I got every kind of possible cooperation from there.

Let me share with you one thing.

If a mother falls sick, the baby will get affected naturally. Likewise, all we are consuming from the soil, is the soil healthy enough?

A nation’s well-being rests on the country’s land-living.

Sadly, as the soil is unhealthy, the medicine/chemical industry can run smoothly. It’s a major hindrance to human existence.

I have the determination to learn to farm appropriately, solely. Plus, I will convert the industry. At least I will try to develop my country’s situation; if I can’t make the world like this.

I want my country to be self-sufficient in agriculture. Its impact will be huge, changing the national health planning, economy, everything else.

Well, we need more people in this sector. Besides, I believe in revolutionizing a model.

Otherwise, my efforts are of no use. So, now my full concentration or focus is on the platform where I can produce greens organically.

The problem with our agricultural industry is- they follow the western way of growing food. But you have to understand that, in our eastern sub-continent, the tropical-condition of soil will not cope with that culture.

Am I talking too much?

Author-No, it is absolutely fine. Please carry on!

Rothy-My fear grows every day. Back then, diabetes, cancer was a rare disease. At present, we are accustomed to it as a common occurrence in every family.

Research says, among married couples, almost 20% consult the doctor for conceiving purposes. Within 20 years, the percentage can rise up to 80% if the situation persists.

If I am to tell you about the whole harvest production, the circumstance needs total improvement.

Cherry Turnip— The Aesthetic Queen

We need nutrition, but the nutrients aren’t there in our diets. I won’t say that we produce the perfect organic vegetables. A lot of improvements and upgrades are necessary here too. It will take me a lot more to accomplish the term PERFECTION even now. We have slip-ups also.

Nevertheless, one night will not bring the revolution. There’s plenty of workloads, piling up and up here every day.

Oh! I have forgotten the main question!!

Author- (laughing)- I have got the answer already. Well, let us move on to the next question. From where do you collect the seeds of the vegetable production?

Rothy-There are no fixed sources, actually. Mainly we prefer homegrown seeds because organic farming goes well with this type. We have some local clients also.

The thing is, you cannot work with every type of product in agriculture. Variants will be there.

Soil food- a touch of soul

So, basically, we have a lot of options. Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) and Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) are our prime seed sources.

We do not get enough quantity of some seeds. Hence, we have to collect a lower quantity hybrid version as there is no choice right now.

Furthermore, we have the option of importing seeds as some of them are not available locally. In total, our seed collection consists of almost 6–7 suppliers.

Soon, our main target is to undertake our own seed maintenance chores. After researching the local seeds, we will grow the best kinds according to productivity, taste, plus seed types. We will share it with others too. Progressively, we will say bye to the hybrid seeds.

Author-That is great. How many hours do you work on your farm daily?

Rothy- I sleep for only 6 hours and invest my rest of the time on the farm.

So, I think it is almost 14–16 hours per day. After I moved into full-time farming, I hardly get any time for my personal affairs. A great deal of accountabilities always makes me alert. I have realized one vital lesson here-

It is easier to say lies. As well, it is hard to take responsibility and stay honest.

Author- Nicely interpreted. Next question- do you apply any unique farming technology?

Let us prepare the soil nourishments

Rothy- As far as I talk about harvesting methods, we have specific diversities. Let me point out two core facts-


We apply insect repellent instead of insecticides. The task of the chemical pesticides is, their toxic elements kill the insects from top to bottom. Consequently, the soil and plant lose some useful Organic Insects. That is not a reliable method at all.

That’s why, while maintaining the safe limits of the repellents, we try to preserve the organic ambiance here too. After the application of nonchemical repellents, the insects feel uneasy because of the strong smell of it.

They strive to make the soil alive

Alongside, we leave almost 15–20% plant parts or harvests for them. It is for sustaining the natural sequence of foods. We can’t meddle there all time.


Like conventional farming, our fundamental focus does not encompass plant-feeding activities only.

Look, the soil is a living entity.

Our team tries to revitalize the soil value by ensuring the optimum amount of Microorganisms. As well, instead of chemical fertilizers, we produce the right amount of organic foods for the plants.

That’s what makes HappySoul exceptional!!

Author- Okay, I think we have to wrap up now. So, would you like to add something?

Rothy-Well, if I want to summarize the whole discussion, I will say one thing.

I honestly have confidence in the practical organic revolution. We can indeed originate a chemical-free national harvesting system.

Nothing can beat these cute little ones- Organic Cherry Tomatoes

It will not reduce production. Instead, the process will work as the nutrient boosters. Man will be self-dependent. They will not look for market products all time.

Look at the circle of human diseases. We get sick, take medicine. This trend is slowly captivating the whole world.

However, if we gain energy from balanced as well as safe nutritional sources, our diseases will disappear too. Whether it is the zoological or botanical segment, proper nutrition can do wonders. I cherish this belief, and the only way of achieving it comes from the soil.

If we can fulfill the ultimate rudiments of soil, the chain cycle of biological adaptation will change rapidly. It’s not a fantasy or something.

HappySoul’s Raw Goodness- Red Cabbage

Our vegetable’s price is a bit on the higher side. Still, producing organic vegetables and crops with the equal cost of the non-organic types is possible. It will happen. We need to possess a little bit of patience.

If the Government takes the effort to create a separate organic agriculture section, the possibility of portraying this revolutionary era will be doubled. Government support, practical training, social media involvement all can make it come to light.

We just need a suitable platform. We need to receive all the supports in one trustworthy place. That is all, and I believe it’s a national responsibility of every citizen.

Author- Thanks a ton, Rothy. You have cooperated wonderfully. I appreciate your responsible gesture and sincerity towards the sector.

Rothy-Sure. You are welcome always.

Last but not least…

The Happy Flowers- A Symbol of affection and persistence

That was all for today. I hope Rothy’s organic farming philosophies will make us stop for a second.

Here are some food for thoughts-
✒Have we tried enough to modify our food habits?

✒Can we take a breather to reconsider our diet customs?

✒Can we consider being fair to our body and soul for once?

Let me know how do you feel.

Stay well and stay with Health Freaks until I come up with another gleam in your lifestyle.

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This is it, guys. Happy days!



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