Smart Sex Toys and Data

After the WeVibe case, where the company has been accused of collecting usage data from their smart sex toys without users’ consent and the consequent big (not always fair and quite pessimistic) exposure media made on smart vibrators, some people are getting a bit concerned about privacy, data and sex toys.

Are smart sex toys safe? What are SexTech companies doing to prevent and avoid another WeVibe case? What are (if there are some) the potential risks of using and sharing data about your sexual preferences?

People love smart vibrators, we know they do. Some like different features as remote control or vibration mode settings or they are happy to have the chance to experience sex with their partner when one is in NY and the other in London; we also know there are people who don’t fancy smart sex toys. This is totally fine.

At Pureeros we respect everybody’s choice in using or not smart sex toys but as we provide you with the best high-end and high-tech sex toys we also want to be sure you have all the information you need to give an informative enthusiastic consent to data use (as Stephany Alys, Co-Founder and Chief Pleasure Officer of MysteryVibe will tell you in the following video).

To answer your doubts or questions about data and what are SexTech companies doing to face an extremely important topic as your privacy, we’d love you to watch Stephanie’s speech at TNW Conference this year.

We know sex toys producers are working very hard to keep a transparent and honest relationship with their customers and we hope sex toys’ users will be a bit more responsible when they are about to use a new toy and read the terms of use before accepting them. If this happens, it’ll be an enthusiastic consent and a win-win happy relationship between producers and consumers.

But mostly, we are pretty sure many companies will follow MysteryVibe’s approach based on communication, consent and commitment.

Pureeros Team

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