The Taboo Breaker — Female Masturbation Part 2

This is an ongoing chapter of our lives. It’s still there even if we have a break out of it. Although the internet is roaring with posts regarding female masturbation, I think it’s not 100% accepted by everyone. Among themselves, men can talk about it, joke about it and so forth, but many women find it indiscreet to be asked, even with only women around. Some women are ashamed to admit that sometimes they need a quick, simple pleasure.

In some countries, even in Europe, there’s a saying when women bosses get angry on something, even if it’s justified: “she hasn’t got laid in quite a while”. To put it nicely. If a man gets angry on something which isn’t done properly, well, he is the real man. I’m not sure when are we going to have equal rights or anything and with it the whole gallantry may disappear, so until then, we can take care of our nerves once in a while when the partner is not around. And it’s fine. Women should be in solidarity in this one.

Were you ever put in a situation where you were caught on the act? Where you ever masturbating when your partner suddenly got in? If not, ask yourself how you would react if something similar happens. Would you freak out as he/she spoiled your private moment? Would you pretend you were doing something else? Or you would just invite your partner to join? If a friend catches you in the act, would take it as something normal and go in a private place to continue or you would feel too ashamed to admit what you were doing? All these questions bring us to the real question of why do we masturbate at all?

Some masturbate from excess of horniness, stress, some from personal routine, some out of boredom, some out of lack of actual sex. I believe that masturbation is very good when controlled. When the need of masturbating controls you, then you can get distracted from the present, which can be what you want from time to time, but not daily. Pleasure should not be always an escape of the real world, but a way in feeling the real world profoundly.

As I grew up, masturbating became a sacred thing. I am not ashamed of it and I can talk freely about it, but I wouldn’t do it out of routine or boredom because I feel I am losing precious energy for nothing. The sexual energy for the empowerment of women is so important and it shouldn’t be wasted on 4 hours of masturbation per day because we feel depressed. It will make us feel worse.

We need a balance and this balance will come first of all from accepting that we feel the need to masturbate. Everyone feels it differently, but they do. When accepting completely and let the guilt and shame go, the need will calm itself and come whenever it’s good for your body. This happens mostly when we are alone or in a destructive relationship. There are times when we feel caught in this vicious circle of pleasure and pain and the only real way to get out of it is to embrace it at first and then find a balance in your schedule and energy, so that you can give as much as you can on all chapters in your life.