For white people only:What does The Incredible Hulk have to do with the Police killing of black men?

The incredible hulk is a story about a regular man who becomes a monster.

It is a fiction. It is a story somebody made up.

In the same way, the thing with fiction is it’s NOT real: like the Easter bunny. So the caricature of black men as some superhuman violent beings with supernatural strength able to take down an army of 40 cops with a pistol in one hand and a bag of ho ho’s in the other is a best a over-reaching stretch and worst a reason to hang your head in shame.

The killing black men has nothing to do with his crime and everything to do with our fear. Every ‘infraction’ doesn’t warrant the death penalty. In American it seems simply ‘existing’ is an infraction.

Don’t get me wrong, people do bad stuff, should cops be cautious absolutely..but this narrative of uber vigilance has to change. Everyone is NOT a monster, but a father, brother and leader. I know this to be true because all my boyfriends end up lured away by white women so black can’t be that scary. (a bitter aside note lol)
fathers, brothers, leaders

Do black men, or people commit crimes, yes. All of Mankind commits crime. Do black men commit MORE crime, well I don’t know I haven’t personally read stats that support this, but lets assume they do. Let’s assume EVERY black man who walks the planet is a criminal. Guess what? It still doesn’t matter. EVEN if Black men are the fictional character made up in white minds like the Incredible Hulk, it still doesn’t justify killing them upon the slightest provocation and here’s why.

How do you view your neighbor, is it fact or fiction or something you read on the news? You do know News is a business right?

Lets say ALL black men are criminals every LAST one walking the planet. Did you know that Jeffrey Dawmer, Dylann Roof, the terrorist dude that was just arrested, the other terrorist dude, the dude with weapons dressed like batman that shot up a movie theater in Colorado were all taken ALIVE.

It’s not about the cops, it’s about bias

Every last one of these criminals were ACTUAL threats not simply perceived one. In fact some even made statements of harm publically, so police ALREADY knew they were a threat. How is that different from someone selling illegal Cigarettes on the street, smoking a joint or being pulled over for a tail light different? You do the math.

Do these ‘criminals’ magically turn green and grow two times as big, so that cops are left with no choice but to shoot to kill. Is this a action-movie or are 2 to three cops with weapons enough to subdue ONE man who may or may not have a weapon, most likely in self defense. If James Horner can stand trial why couldn’t Philando was he a threat to society because he had traffic violations?

My point is we are not talking generally about Joseph Kony’s or James Horner’s or persons who make crime a daily occasion. Are drug lords and professional criminals the ones who keeps getting killed? Or are they students, fathers and workers who happen to be normal human beings with different experiences from you. And carrying a gun is legal in the U.S.A. except if you are black.

Look there are many good cops, but we should mourn EVERY life that is lost. Not just your favorite ones- Deplorables be gone

Are black men feared that much that they should be ‘shot down’ before even standing trial in a court? you mean to tell me a 300 pound black man who ‘may have a gun’ and a teenager who listens to hip hop is scarier to you then a white man with 2 machine guns and body armor who is ALREADY shooting at you. oh okay? Are you held accountable for his soul or it is something else going on?

“Do what police say and you wont get killed.” they said.

Okay so explain why some ‘criminals’ make it alive and not others. And look I’m not hear for bashing cops, I pray for cops, we need them they are heroes. But so are Black men, and we need them too. So this isn’t even about cops. It’s about bias. Bias about who lives and who dies.

Somewhere there has to be accountability for taking a life which you may not feel as valuable as yours. Hence why they #matter even if you think they don’t. You don’t get to play God, deciding who stays and who goes. Are you really PRO-LIFE?

Because America is crying..the question is are you listening?