The case for higher education is Donald Trump

Why the nations failure to educate its country gives rise to dictators.

I recently saw this article in the Chronicle for High Education about the fact that the majority of Trump supporters are uneducated and poor.

reading is fundamental

There’s not a doubt in my mind that this is the case in our nation. When you see demagogue leadership and the rise in racism; misinformation is somewhere at the root of it. The tech community constantly speaks about the lack of black scientists and engineers in tech; this is not my experience at all. I can say is the only people i KNEW growing up were people in tech and engineering…hence NSBE (A Black Engineering Society). Why is the white tech community not exposed to black engineering? It’s because they are misinformed. The problem wasn’t us it was them. The tech industry is a metaphor for the white community at large.

Further, their lack of exposure to anything about people of color besides tv or negative stories they heard has added to the stereotype gives place to leadership like Trump and even black peoples own lack of understanding about themselves : Africans do not have this issue. I have long advocated that black history needs to be taught more to white communities then black ones because white people are the ones misinformed for the most part.

Hence Donald Trump enter stage right.

I was encouraged by the cover of the Economist depicting Trump as an Uncle Sam poster with the caption above reading “Really?” as if to say has the country lost its ever loving mind? It was clear to me that I was on the right side of history and standing with the wise and enlightened. Sadly people who I had previously thought enlightened, said they were siding with Trump. (We are no longer friends) The other sad part is that I didn’t realize that the majority of the country felt the same. How is it possible? That the same persons that claim others come to our country and is over overrun by uneducated persons who are a drain on society, are in fact the real brain drain on society.

The ‘uninformed’ give way to hatred, violence and fear-mongering. It doesn’t make the world a better place to be in the ‘dark’. In fact the focus on education in this country would allow this partisan state and refusal to come to a unified front to finally die. It serves no one to prey upon the foolish innocent and the afraid. Which is what Donald Trump is doing to win votes. The country has sold its sold to the devil for the sake of billions and lies about other persons who live differently from ourselves. Not being a fool, this type of campaign and Presidency will not help our nation or anyone in it. But that’s just my opinion.

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