Are You “Fired” Up About the Don?

…Is he “Don”ning on you?… Will he Trump your vote?… ok we’re done.

Donald “The Donald” Trump is running for President. He’s serious. How do we know? In response to a question asking if his announcement is real, he responded “This is really real.”

He announced his candidacy Tuesday June 16 for the President on the platform Make America Great Again.

Trump’s Background

Trump is worth $4.6 billion and had made his fortune primarily through real estate and media. He is the son of Fred Trump, a wealthy New York City real-estate developer and took over the family business after graduating from the Wharton School at Penn (the number three biz school in the nation). Trump since expanded and build the Trump Organization into a multibillion dollar company with famous properties like Trump Plaza, golf resorts in Florida and casinos in Atlantic City. We also know him from his show The Apprentice.

He’ll be branding himself as the effective businessman who will fix our economy and national debt and “Make America Great Again”.

What he’s got going for him?

Name recognition: Everyone knows Trump as a successful businessman, which he is playing up as a positive because will be better than the politicians he views as all talk and no walk. In his opinion, the country is a broken business that needs fixing, and who better to do it than a man who has spent years making various multi-million and billion dollar deals and running large successful corporations. He will focus on improving international debt and restructuring the national budget. Furthermore, he sells himself as the great negotiator who also has the balls to stand up to the opposition. Domestically, he wants to be remembered as the jobs creation president, and creating jobs is something that he’s definitely done.

What are his obstacles?

He’s filed for corporate bankruptcy four different times, calling into question his image of unfettered success. Also, it’s not like the President can declare bankruptcy so that’s a little worrisome for some people.

Some voters are skeptical of Trump running for president and think that this is just a publicity stunt to promote the Trump brand. Additionally, his billionaire status and bravado persona may distance him from poorer demographics who he’s going to have a hard time relating to. His tough on immigration stance may also isolate Latino voters. Lastly, in a March GOP poll, 74% of Republican voters said they would never vote for Trump.

On the Issues


Trump has become pro-life after years of being pro-choice following a life-changing experience of a close friend of his.


He claims that the Affordable Care Act doesn’t really start until 2016, so Obama will be blindsiding the next President and the whole country with a budget deadweight. He hopes to therefore repeal it and replace it with something more effective and affordable.

Foreign Policy.

Trump thinks the Iranian nuclear deal is a complete disaster and a one sided deal that will end with Iran arming themselves more than ever, posing a far more serious threat than climate change. Instead, he supports reenacting sanctions and taking any necessary means to make sure Iran won’t have Nuclear Weapons so that Israel can remain safe from any potential threat. In general, he declared that we need to take a stronger role in all dealings to demand more international respect.

International Trade.

He hopes to raise taxes on imported goods to create incentives to buy domestic goods. Our number one trade enemy, in his opinion, is China. They’re undermining our trade deficit, and essentially stealing jobs and money from us, by fixing exchange rates. He wants to prioritize countermeasures to counteract one-sided trade interactions.


He believes that a wall should be finished on the U.S.-Mexican border and that he can build a wall better than anyone because of his real estate experience.


With no desire to cut Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, he wants to instead get rid of the waste within these programs and make them more efficient.


In favor of a flat tax, meaning same tax rate across the board for everyone, regardless of how much money you make .

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