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Hillary v. Bernie Town Hall

Told by Purple via text 👾

Sanders plan would basically expand Medicare to everyone, resembling a single-payer system like the UK has. He says it will save $6 trillion over the next 10 years.

Bernie would fund the plan with some new taxes: Individuals would pay a 2.2% tax and employers would pay a 6.2% payroll tax. Instead of an insurance premium, a family making $50,000 would only pay $1,100 in health care income taxes.

It is not clear whether Sanders plan gets rid of copays and deductibles which add 💰 to costs. Also, remember how his plan is partly funded by a 6.7% payroll tax on employers? Well, in reality that tax will probably come out of workers wages rather than employers’ pockets. Read more pros/cons here .

Thoughts from the Purple peeps:

“I don’t think she’s quite electrifying the “women” base quite like she thought she would. Also, I think many feminists today and separate politics and gender (they wouldn’t vote for a woman just because she’s a woman).”

“Gender doesn’t mean correct views IMO”

“I honestly don’t really consider gender when I’m evaluating presidential candidates.”

The gov can’t enforce this realistically, so how they make people sign up is to withhold federal benefits unless you’re signed up for selective service (applying for student loans or applying for citizenship if you’re a permanent resident).

Recently, military leaders testified that they think women should register for the draft (selective service).

Watch the full town hall here:

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