On The Ground

How Greeks are responding to the debt crisis on Instagram

#OXI means “no”, it’s what most Greeks are posting about referring to voting “no” to accepting a new deal with Europe that would impose more austerity measures on Greece.

@Ovosok posts an image showing the burning of the European Union flag

Oxi street art- Photo by @kostya_ivkin

Massive crowds showed up in Athens to rally against austerity measures. Photo by @maafalda_
Photo by @gizavasconcelos
At an “oxi” rally, posted with the hashtags #riseup and #Athensvoice. Photo by @eri_bbl

Greek citizens casted their votes saying yes or no to accepting new Austerity measures. Photo by @ilyagridneff

The word “oxi”, meaning No has been painted around Greec. Photo by @triplet_peaks
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