PRPL Employee Spotlight: Danny Morgan

Danny living that remote work life.

This is Danny, our proud British expatriate and diligent developer working from his own corner office in DC If his client-side knowledge doesn’t scare you, his playlist surely will.

Name: Danny Morgan

Hometown: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Years at PRPL: 4

Spotify Playlist: Spotlight

What do you do here?

I’m a developer, based remotely in DC. I do a lot of client-side things and mobile app development. In the past year, my projects have included Swift, Xamarin, Vue, and React Native.

What’s your favorite part about working remotely?

Increased productivity. I find it easier to concentrate in an atmosphere I can control rather than in a bustling office. Making my own schedule, listening to music without headphones, and watching mid-week Champions League games are bonuses.

How do you stay up on development tools and trends?

Give us a rap lyric to describe you.

Listen up. Listen up, please. Check my steez
Insect ligaments, I'm the bee's knees

I Be On That - Childish Gambino

What is something people say you do too often?

Haha — I love to complain (but usually not without good reason).

Do you listen to any good podcasts?

Besides the industry-specific ones above, I listen to a wide-variety of podcasts on a regular basis. Some favorites being: True Faith NUFC Podcast and Comedy Bang Bang.

Tell us what’s currently on your desk. Including your cat.

All the essentials really…

  • One very large cat
  • A water bottle and coffee mug
  • Birthday cards
  • A Raspberry Pi & AWS IoT Button
  • Color-coded sticky notes for prioritizing tasks
  • A really loud mechanical keyboard for daytime use and a much quieter Apple keyboard for evening use.
  • Android & iOS test devices

Teach us a British word, phrase, or idiom that we should all know.

There are so many blinders, I can’t pick just one. For the best insights into the British experience, I’d refer you to Very British Problems.

If you could only play one video game for the rest of your life, which would it be?

FIFA. I’ve been hooked since World Cup 98 on the original PlayStation. The only other game I’d consider would be Witcher 3, that way I might actually finish it one day.

What has been the most rewarding project to work on at PRPL?

There are quite a few. I’m thankful for opportunity to learn something new, and tend to remember those projects most fondly. A recent rewarding project was working on a huge tech company conference app, then getting the chance to attend said conference. Witnessing the people actually using and relying on the product for navigation was pretty cool.

Thanks for not complaining (too much) about answering all these questions, Danny.

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