The Fundament of Sustainable Performance

The foundation of true high performance are not tools but within the habits of people. Think of it as a performance powerhouse. You can learn as many productivity tools, but if the fundament is shaky the house will crash eventually. To lay a good basis we need to touch upon six core areas. 1. Performance mind 2. power nutrition 3. activiy 4. recover 5. relationships 6. purpose.
 With a continuous improvement in all of these topics, we will increase your energy, brain performance, resilience, and capacity to act. Of course what I present is science‐based, even though I spare the time to cite everything with quotations.

The purpose performance model

For everyone who made it this far, some basics about your brain to start with. The brain accounts for less than 2% of an average person’s weight, but it consumes ca. 20% of the body’s energy and 20% of the body’s oxygen. Since the brain consists mostly water (80%) it is crucial to stay hydrated for it to work to its full potential. Even a 1% reduction of water in the body does tremendously decrease your ability to think straight. To set this into context, you are at 1% dehydration when you start to feel thirsty. Therefore, before tackling an important meeting, hydrate and make sure to have water with you when you work. Furthermore, while working the brain produces toxins. When you go into a deep sleep the brain will start to clean up and flush these toxins out. So make sure to get a good night of sleep whenever possible. More on good sleeping in a later post.