Days like today are hard.

Days like today are hard.

When the alarm goes off, its still dark, and my first reaction is, “already?”

When moving through the routine feels anything but routine.

Days like today are hard.

When the warm-up feels more difficult than the last three sessions combined.

When the workout challenges my weaknesses, and it feels like my strength and stamina have left me.

Days like today are hard.

And yet, it’s at times like this — when everything seems against me — that I’m reminded.

Days like today are hard — so that I can become stronger and healthier.

Days like today are hard — because I want them to be — to test my limits and prove I won’t shrink back in the face of adversity.

Days like today are hard — so that when real problems hit me (and they will) — I don’t hesitate, but go towards them with confidence and conviction.

Days like today are hard?

Days like ARE hard — and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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