It’s Hard Getting Started

I Prefer It That Way

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

It’s been less than a month since I’ve started promoting my content on social media and building my brand, “Pursuing Progress.” It’s been my experience that this hasn’t been as fun as I thought it would be.

That excites me.

Don’t get me wrong, creating content is always fun, and that’s what’s going to push me through — that, and my love for difficult processes.

When I come to a point where things are moving slowly, and the fresh excitement of starting something new begins to wear off, I know that I am coming to a point when most people quit or at least begin slacking.

The slow, grueling process of content, content, content is beginning, and it’s what I live for.

I don’t plan on reaching my goals on social media quickly or easily. I am being given the opportunity to practice what I preach. I need to quit the sprinting mindset and practice running the marathon.

I’ve caught myself comparing my metrics and growth to successful blogs or entrepreneurs. That’s not fair to myself. It hasn’t even been a month yet; I need to give myself more time.

I’ve been getting the feeling that I need to be on as many platforms as possible, but I think I should put my attention on growing one platform in the beginning stages. I did little research, planning, or preparation before jumping into teh world of social media. This has resulted in feelings of being overwhelmed and burnt out.

I’m a believer in executing without over-preparing or being paralyzed by perfection, but I think it would have benefit me to prepare strategies for social media instead of just jumping right in.

It is time for me to pick one or two platforms and devote my time to those only, especially with school approaching. I need to be creating and publishing content, socializing and networking, and also researching.

There is a lot of work to be done on social media alone, so I need to develop my time management skills. Right now, everything is spontaneous with little forethought. It’s time to start up Google Calendar and begin scheduling and creating blocks of time for creating content and researching.

It has been difficult getting started. At least I started. At least I am learning on the go.

The progress has been very slow and minimal, but it is there.

I am running a marathon, and I will be running marathons for the rest of my life.

Perhaps you will get lucky and win the lottery, but there shall be no overnight successes for me. I prefer it that way. Don’t hand me what I want on a golden platter; let me work for it.