The Most Valuable Asset to Any Brand

If you run a personal brand or a company, you might think that the most important element of your business is your product or service. You might think it’s your selling strategy or your connections.

All of these things are crucial to business success and should not be neglected. You need a great product, a great sales pitch, and it definitely helps to know the right people.

However, everything boils down to the consumer. Building a brand is all about community and engaging with your consumers or supporters.

Your most valuable commodity is the relationship that you have with your audience.

Granted, a great product will help build this relationship. You might have a lot of trust with your audience because they know that your product or service is always of excellent quality. They know that they will never be cheaped out their money.

If you have trust with your fans, never let that go.

Never sacrifice your trust for anything.

Remember, the most valuable asset to your brand is your relationships with consumers, and trust is the foundation to any good relationship.

You need to continue developing your social skills and connecting with as many people as you can on social media. Learn how to make a friend out of a stranger without selling to them. Every new relationship is an opportunity for cash.

Of course, you never want to go into a relationship with the sole intention of making money off of them. That’s not how you build trust. Get into the mindset of serving others and spreading positivity. Don’t become a slave to money.

This will also require great communication skills.

Develop your writing.

Writing is becoming such a valuable asset in modern business. Whether you’re DMing a follower or writing an email to a potential business partner, you need to learn how to manipulate with your words.

I hesitate to use the word manipulate, because it almost always has negative connotations to it. Really, the definition of manipulate is simply to handle or control. This is what you want to do with your communication skills.

You want to control people into liking you or believing certain things to be true about you. Of course, you want them to believe truths about yourself, so don’t use manipulation in the negative sense.

Never lie to your consumer. Remember, relationships are all about trust.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

If you want to become a good businessperson, master writing and public speaking. If you can learn to communicate brilliantly and effectively, then you will win.

Not everyone was born a great orator or writer, but the wonderful thing is that any skill can be developed.

You can become good at anything you want if you truly apply yourself, and I think speaking and writing should be among the top skills on your resume.