Curriculum Vitae

I’ve moved to London exactly 1 year ago. I came here with a lot of excitement and energy. Or at least I thought I had.

12 months have passed and I couldn’t feel more differently. London is London and there’s nothing like living it. The energy and motivation I wake up with these days is something I could not imagine 1 year ago. And I’m only starting.

Trouva’s Boat Party

Now, I’m a person who very easily generalises while doing strong statements. For example, I feel that I’ve learned so much in the past year that I would probably say — I’m now so much more confident and feel so much more capable of dealing with pressure and the day to day work. London is clearly a better city to work on than Lisbon! Yeah, that’s typical me. But the truth is that I probably ended up on an environment that helped me developing those skills and it wasn’t just the city giving me that.

Trouva was the place that took me with their arms open from day 1. I feel good there and I honestly can say that almost everyday I close my laptop with the sense of a personal duty accomplished. It’s like I’m working for myself in such a well structured way that I’m actually empowering a business at the same time. And that’s what I didn’t know it was possible 1 year ago.

So why did I call this article Curriculum Vitae — Miguel Aragão?

Well, for some reason in the last few months, without any kind of update from my side on LinkedIn I’ve started getting literally dozens of messages every single week. All good things they say. Either I’m good because of this, either I’m good because of that. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m not special. Well at least that special. I do have some confidence on myself.

More recently a lower life expectancy

I was used to get many messages in Lisbon as well. But they would mostly be from consulting firms looking for the next person to have the most stable position in the world. Not here. Here you feel the world alive. Hundreds and hundreds of startups (some well established, some not really established) all trying to find talent to build products and businesses.

Now the interesting part comes to play. Something got my attention. I was reading them and most of these messages were requesting me to send them a CV. Seriously? A CV? In 2017? You’ve just sent me a message through LinkedIn. It’s all there!

I did some research! Well some research means I’ve asked a friend of mine who’s working for a major 🦄 in the talent acquisition team. I was told that this is still a thing. And well there are some valid points around it.

99% of the cases the candidate will have a CV that is more updated than the correspondent LinkedIn profile.

Either way. I’m not writing any CV soon.

This is my way of showing what I believe in. It shows what I’ve learned and might not be visible on LinkedIn.

It’s public and it’s personal. It shows where I’m at right now and where I see myself going.

I’m working as a Product Engineer with the ambition to help grow the product and the team at Trouva. I want to prove myself and others that I’m someone that can be trusted and requested for the toughest decisions. Someone that can be creative and precise. Someone that can take an idea and shape it into product and business.

Me and her

I believe in hard work with careful, and above all, smart planning. You can be the best at anything but if you’re not smart about it you’ll never be able to succeed with the distinction that a city like London needs. In London you can’t stand if you don’t thrive. And that needs to happen everyday.

Let’s think about a chef at a restaurant. He’s faced with a challenge. You need to prepare the best meal possible for today’s special clients. Now, I can imagine that most chefs will know right away what to prepare. But those are not the best.

You can be the best at the art of cooking but you won’t stand a chance to prepare the best experience in the world if you know right away exactly what you’re going to prepare.

I’ve prepared the best Italian pasta you can imagine one said. Well. It just so happens that the special clients were part of a group of Gluten Intolerant people so yeah… the pasta tastes great but it means absolutely nothing to your target. You need to think smart. Plan in advance. Decide how to optimise what you have and what you know about your environment.

Know your target beforehand. Minimise the risk if you have unknowns. Prepare for multiple solutions. Maybe serve some starters and check what comes back to the kitchen.

Wimbledon’s Backstage

Build with iterations. Deliver fast. Understand with who you can count. Surround yourself with who can help you moving something forward and who can stop you when you’re going in the wrong direction.

Make everyone feel part of it. Make everyone happy around you and with the motivation to evolve themselves. Force others to challenge you, your ideas and your business.

This is starting to feel like too much jibber-jabber (which is totally accurate) but this is part of who I am and what I can bring. It’s what it is.

With many further thoughts but not really much more to write this evening, I’ll be going back to my challenges at Trouva and my everyday life.

About the random photos over the article. They’re just me doing what I like and being happy about it, in London and in the world. I felt this needed some colour basically.

Would be glad to hear from you and hey… we’re hiring!

Trouva’s welcome room