EPNS and Quest3 Unite in Pilot Collaboration to Bring Notifications for Users

Quest3 and EPNS team up to bring decentralized push notifications for platform users.

EPNS and Quest3, the quest and event platform for web3, join forces in a pilot collaboration to enable direct communication between users and the platform. As a result, users of the platform are poised to receive push notifications about various happenings. These notifications will allow users to grab opportunities on the platform and encourage participation.

Quest3: Web3’s Event and Quest Platform

Whether it is on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, users of web2 are bombarded with advertisements everywhere with no tangible rewards for viewing them. User data is exploited and used to serve personalized ads to people with all the financial rewards going only to the businesses. Now, Quest3 is a web3 platform that aims to solve this problem and ensures that users are rewarded for their time.

Advertisements on this platform are presented in a gamified manner. Users receive advertisements while actively completing quests and earning rewards. The rewards include crypto tokens and NFT badges that hold real monetary value. This way of serving advertisements to users is beneficial for both businesses and users, allowing all players to benefit from the ordeal.

In this regard, Quest3 needs a communication channel that allows the platform to directly send notifications whenever new quests are available. This is where the collaboration with EPNS comes into play.

What does the Collaboration entail

As a result of the pilot collaboration between EPNS and Quest3, Quest3 will have an official channel on the EPNS platform that its users can subscribe to. In doing so, they will receive decentralized push notifications directly from the platform informing them about various happenings on the platform. Users can expect to receive notifications whenever

  • A new quest starts
  • A quest is about to end (in X days)
  • A quest ends

This allows the users to take full advantage of the opportunities as and when they arise. EPNS has a chrome extension along with a mobile application and a decentralized application to ensure that users don’t miss out on important notifications.

As Quest3 is working towards an open web infrastructure, we at EPNS are pleased to partner with them and hope to become an integral part of their operations.

About EPNS

EPNS is building the world’s first open communication layer for the Web3 ecosystem, first for Ethereum and then for L2s and other blockchains. The protocol enables any smart contracts, dApps, or traditional servers to send notifications tied to the wallet addresses of a user in a platform-agnostic fashion (i.e: notifications can be integrated and shown on any crypto wallet, mobile apps, extension, or dApps).

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About Quest3

Quest3 is a Web3 quest and event platform incubated by Hogwarts Labs. Users can earn tokens and NFT badges by participating in quests and events. Quest3 is committed to providing a variety of permissionless on-chain and off-chain quests for GameFi, DAOs, communities and other projects, benefiting users continuously, flourishing the propagation ecosystem and realizing Web3 native value delivery.

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