EPNS Rebrands into Push Protocol, the Communication Protocol for Web3

Future of web3 communication

TL;DR: Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) is rebranding into Push Protocol. The rebrand signifies the network’s move beyond Ethereum to other blockchains and beyond push notifications to all forms of communication. The existing channels, notifications, $PUSH token, and app all remain unchanged. Learn more at push.org.

Dear EPNS family,

Today, we are announcing a significant milestone for the protocol and community: EPNS is rebranding to Push Protocol! The rebranding of EPNS will take effect today. All existing EPNS implementations will remain the same, but the rebranding marks the beginning of the next phase of decentralized communication in web3.

The groundwork for the rebrand from EPNS to Push Protocol was laid a long time ago. This next step marks the beginning of two fundamental evolutions in EPNS

  1. Moving beyond Ethereum to other L1s and L2s
  2. Moving beyond push notifications to all forms of communication

Push Protocol will continue to evolve by enabling flexible and decentralized middleware that serves as a public good to solve the decentralized communication problem.

A communication protocol must be able to adapt to changing environments, constantly meet user needs and communication methods, and facilitate easy upgrades to be considered future-proof. The web3 communication layer of today should not look the same in twenty years, as we will likely change how we communicate and notify each other. Push Protocol is ready for this.

What is (was) EPNS Anyway?

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) is a push notification protocol for web3. It enables any dapp or user to send out notifications to an audience that has subscribed to a specific channel (anyone who sends a notification is considered a channel in EPNS). Since the mainnet launch in January 2022, EPNS has powered over 17 million notifications across 100 channels to nearly 60k subscribers.

There are two actors in the original EPNS architecture: publisher and subscriber. As a publisher, you can rely on a transparent, secure, decentralized network of nodes that facilitate peer-to-peer notifications to channels. The network includes an incentivization scheme that rewards those maintaining the network while ensuring notifications are delivered correctly and messages are untampered with. EPNS (now Push Protocol) can also send out messages automatically triggered based on certain on-chain events.

As a subscriber, you should control what channels you subscribe to and know what to expect. The service is user-centric and stands by a user-first philosophy: an easy opt-in mechanism to subscribe to notifications that meet user needs. Not to mention, the protocol scores all messages to protect against spamming.

What is Push Protocol? A Generalizable Communication Solution

Push Protocol is the next evolution in communication, built on top of nearly a year of proven mainnet adoption by EPNS. Push Protocol retains all the push notification capability of EPNS, and also lays the groundwork for multi-chain, general-purpose communication.

Communication is everywhere, and Push Protocol can fill the communication gap to get information across the web. To truly meet the original vision of EPNS, that is, being a platform agnostic and flexible protocol, this is a crucial next step to scale the protocol and make it as compatible as possible with all types of technology stacks and solutions.

Push Protocol is already integrated with dozens of dapps across the web3 space, each with their own approach to deliver wallet-to-wallet and wallet-to-dapp messaging. As Push is an open communication solution, the protocol will progress with contributors from all platforms.

The Future of Communication: Web3 UX starts with Messaging

Push Protocol keeps web3 users and web3 developers engaged with each other, all in real-time. Whether you only use a wallet to manage a few assets, are an active community member for one of your favorite projects, or building a state-of-the-art dapp, you should be able to feel like you are part of a flourishing web3 ecosystem; being able to reach all platforms and not be subject to interact with the new web in isolation.

We are super excited to take on this journey with you and can’t wait for what the future holds! To keep up-to-date with Push Protocol: Website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Forum, and YouTube.



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Push Protocol

Push Protocol


Push is a web3-native communication protocol, enabling cross-chain notifications and messaging for dapps, wallets, and services.