Make the Most of Airdrops: Earnifi and EPNS Collaborate to Bring Airdrop Opportunities to Users

EPNS and Earnifi, DeFi’s newest airdrop aggregator platform, team up in a pilot collaboration to enable direct communication between users and the platform. As a result of this collaboration, users are poised to receive decentralized push notifications directly to their devices when new airdrops are available to claim.

From DeFi’s very inception airdrop campaigns have been a foolproof way for businesses in the industry to market themselves. By sending out a share of their total token supply directly to the wallets of community members for free, businesses not only ensured active user participation but also gave them a way to benefit from the overall growth of the project. This novel marketing tactic is vastly successful within the DeFi industry and became a doorway for new users to enter this space without any initial investment.

However, given the monumental growth of DeFi in the past couple of years, the industry is now swarming with thousands of new projects with vast potential. It is practically impossible for DeFi enthusiasts to keep a track of all available airdrop opportunities, and as a result, end up missing out on potential ones. This is precisely why Earnifi was built.

The Need for an Airdrop Aggregator

Earnifi is an effective new DeFi tool that aggregates all available airdrops across different blockchain networks on a single platform to ensure that DeFi users do not miss out on any claim they might be eligible for. In a simple two-step process, the platform allows users to enter their wallet addresses and access all available claims in an instant.

Earnifi has its wings spread across multiple major blockchain networks including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, ensuring that users do not miss out on any opportunities in these budding ecosystems. As of now, Earnifi uses centralized email services to notify users about all these opportunities. However, given the obvious path towards decentralization, Earnifi has teamed up with EPNS to ensure direct communication with users without the need for centralized external media.

“We are keen on ensuring decentralization in every aspect and as such, we believe that decentralized platforms need a decentralized communication system,” says the team at Earnifi. “EPNS successfully eliminates the need for DeFi protocols to depend on centralized solutions like mail or social media, while building direct communication between the protocol and users. We’re thrilled about the collaboration and can’t wait for our users to reap its benefits.”

What Does the Collaboration Entail

Through this pilot collaboration, EPNS and Earnifi are building an official decentralized communication medium between the platform and its users. Earnifi will have a verified channel on the EPNS platform. Subscribers of this channel will receive push notifications when new airdrops associated with their wallet address are available to claim. Given the limited timeframe for airdrops, a push notification service like this could ensure that eligible users claim their share before it’s too late.

“Earnifi is a blessing in disguise for active DeFi users looking to get their hands on airdrop claims. The DeFi industry gives out millions of dollars in airdrops and without a proper communication channel, most of these opportunities go in vain. In this regard, EPNS through its collaboration with Earnifi ensures that users are constantly updated and can make the most of this opportunity,” says Harsh Rajat, Co-founder of EPNS

EPNS has a chrome extension, a decentralized application, and a mobile application to ensure that users do not miss these notifications on any device.

About Earnifi

EarniFi was created by DeFi Dawson and allows users to track a number of blockchains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon addresses for airdrops. Some airdrops will often have an expiration date and after which time, you lose the opportunity to claim your free crypto. However, Earnifi solves this by notifying users when they have an airdrop available to claim. Contact: Website

About EPNS

EPNS is building the world’s first open communication layer for the Web3 ecosystem, first for Ethereum and then for L2s and other blockchains. The protocol enables any smart contracts, dApps, or traditional servers to send notifications tied to wallet addresses of a user in a platform-agnostic fashion (i.e: notifs can be integrated and shown on any crypto wallet, mobile apps, extension, or dApps).

Stay in touch with EPNS! Website, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Whitepaper, Litepaper



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