The Six Easy Steps For Making The Celtics Into A Superteam

Celtics fans amirite

The Celtics are on the edge of greatness, currently only one or two moves away from challenging Lebron James. However, they are also one or two moves away from ruining what could be a potential dynasty. Only one bad trade, one risky decision away, from becoming perennial third seeds instead of legitimate title contenders. Danny Ainge has many decisions to make in order to transform the team from being in LeBron’s shadow to his worst nightmare. So how does he do it?

Decision One: Bring back the Butler boy?

As a Celtics fan, and even more so, as a basketball fan, I would love for Gordon Hayward to reconnect with Brad Stevens and come to the Celtics. But bringing arguably the best white player in the NBA to Boston isn’t just for the hell of it. Hayward would actually fit quite nicely on the Celtics. It would give them a new line-up of Isaiah, Bradley, Hayward, Crowder, and Horford. If they pull it off, they’d have shooting at every position, an extremely athletic lineup, and a plethora of very nice pick and roll players. The only struggle this lineup would foreseeably face is rebounding. Do you know who else has that problem? The Warriors, and they’re pretty good. Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge must do everything possible to get the 2017 All-Star and move themselves up an echelon in the east.

Decision Two: Draft or Trade?

Firstly. Danny.

Do. Not. Trade. This. Pick. Trading this pick would put a cap on the when in the future the Celtics’ would be able to bring home championships. In addition, they‘d be losing a chance at potentially franchise-defining point guard who could lead this team for years to come. This guy is a beast and there isn’t any other player in this draft (ya @lavar come at me) who can be as impactful to the game of basketball. His name is Markelle Fultz. He can do anything and everything on an NBA court and for him to play in the white and green would change the whole complexion of their future.

Decision Three: The 185 pound elephant in the room

Personally, I love IT4. He is a quintessential Boston sports player. Neglected by everyone. Told he won’t make it. A scrapper. But he comes to Boston, becomes a top 5 scoring player in the entire NBA, and leads the Celtics to the conference finals. However, despite how much it pains me to say this, Isaiah Thomas cannot be a starting PG on a championship team. I know. I hate saying it just as much as anyone else. He is so awesome. But defensively, he can be exploited so easily that he is a liability to have on the court late in the fourth quarter in the playoffs. So they have to trade him, or let him go in free agency. I think they ride out one more year in the playoffs, and once again get torched by the Cavs. Then, they let him go in free agency and give the starting PG job to Markelle the future of the Celtics.

Letting even the snow blow by him

Decision Four: Avery Bradley….Is he worth the big bucks?

Yes. Bradley is good. One of the best perimeter defenders in the league. The Celtics don’t necessarily need him to be the best player on the team, but he is so good at defense that if they can keep him as a lockdown defender and excellent three point marksman, it is worth it.

Danny “From Range” Ainge

Decision Five: Zizic and Yabusele

A tenacious rebounder, and hopefully the next Draymond Green. These words describe players that are key to the Celtics future. The Celtics should bring in Zizic (See: Rebounds) as soon as the 2017–18 offseason. It looks as though the Celtics would have to cut many big men in order to sign Gordon Hayward, and Zizic would be a perfect replacment. If Yabusele can be 50% of what Draymond is, then the Celtics got extreme value at the 16th overall pick.

Decision Six: “Raindrop drop top we be converting that pick swap.”

Note from editor: I am sorry the above statement was written.

The Celtics will now have another top 5 pick from the Paul Pierce trade that keeps on giving thanks to the 2018 pick swap with the Brooklyn Nets. Unfortunately, we have no idea who the pick is. The C’s have many options. We can assume this would be another top-3 pick. If they win the lottery, then Michael Porter Jr. is clearly the most talented prospect, but there are plenty of other players who could make a big difference. DeAndre Ayton is probably the best big man with ability both offensively and defensively (who can also shoot free throws!!!). Mohammed Bamba has the most potential, but doesn’t really line up with the Celtics timeline. Luka Doncic can shoot a basketball very, very well. One other option would be to trade the pick. Jimmy Butler would be on the market potentially, however with Fultz, Bradley, and Hayward as well as Jaylen Brown, Butler doesn’t really fit. Ayton is the best option and he would make the Celtics officially a legitimate title contender.

New Team

PG Markelle Fultz

SG Avery Bradley

SF Gordon Hayward

PF Al Horford

C DeAndre Ayton

PG Marcus Smart


SF Jaylen Brown

PF Guerschon Yabusele

C Ante Zizic

PG Terry Rozier

This is a top team, and even if some players don’t fulfill their potential, whether it be Jaylen Brown or the foreign boys, they still have an extremely deep and well rounded team that can have many playoff runs to come.