As a young boy, I had aspirations and dreams, shaped by my environment, background and the people around me. In the social class my parents belonged to, getting a college degree was mandatory, so I opted to be a health care professional.

Being a healthcare professional has been very interesting and rewarding. However, the more I think about life, the more wisdom tells me I have to be savvy with other things that can help me with my practice, and by “other things”, I mean Information Technology.

If you are like me and you find social media to be a distraction but at the same time find it difficult to completely stay away from it, wake up to the call of turning your distraction to your advantage. I mean make some money from your distraction.

I heard about the Udacity — digital marketing course from a friend. My first question was — will I have the time required? Second question — what if I do not understand the terminologies? I registered anyway. I made the decision without over analyzing it because my initial analysis tells me it is a win-win for me.

I have a wife, a very active two-year-old, a three-month-old and a 48-hour-work week, yes, I am busy. However, I decided to plunge in because I believe this is one of the main drivers of everything we do and will do.

Check the website and just spend a few undistracted minutes to read through: goo.gl/pYVYk0