Workplace Safety Enhanced with Connected Technology

Design forecast by Pushstart Creative

B y 2025, construction in the US is expected to become a $15 trillion industry. Construction technology has adapted to meet the demands of the modern and complex job site but protective safety equipment has seen fewer updates.

Safety systems can be self-learning, proactive and affordable

Pushstart Creative conducted research to identify where current protective solutions fall short identifying multiple convenience and capability shortcomings.

Pushstart protects senses and well-being with a trio of connected solutions

EXO is a concept suite of smart and connected safety products that include a responsive hard hat, adaptive hearing protector, and an assistive respirator that takes the guesswork out of lung protection With each solution we focused on finding cost-effective technologies that added significant safety benefits without burdening the end-user.

Responsive Hard Hat responding to impact and distress

Responsive Hard Hat

The responsive hard hat is an affordable and durable solution with technology that protects the user from typical job site risks, such as heat, exhaustion or shock and fall accidents. In the event of fall or impact a warning signal is automatically sent to others on the job-site leveraging the user’s GPS location to speed rescue efforts. The responsive hard hat is equipped with sensors to monitor heat and exertion levels and prevent dehydration or overexertion that can lead to further injury.

Adaptive Hearing Protector detecting harmful noise levels & adapting to level of noise present

Adaptive Hearing Protector

Traditional noise-cancelling hearing protectors lacks contextual awareness of the user’s surroundings. The adaptive hearing protector offers noise-cancelling with an assisted cloud-connected companion app to identify and mitigate noises commonly associated with a specific type of work. The system would come with pre-build audio reference libraries for common workplaces (construction, machine shop, woodworking, etc.) and continue to learn and refine over time. One of the most common issues is remembering to put ear protection back on after an interruption. The adaptive hearing protector addresses this in two way, first by issuing a subtle reminder when it detects harmful noise levels, and second, by allowing speech and other key noises to through the filter. By turning a dial on the unit, a user can access three modes:

  1. General: Minimizes noise and allows you to communicate
  2. Controlled Environment: Learns and compiles a sound library to block repetitive noise that can be targeted by decibels
  3. Do Not Disturb: Absolute noise cancellation to allow the user to focus
Assistive Respirator Mobile App

Assistive Respirator

The assistive respirator is designed to help navigate the complex world of protective filters and ensure proper use. Each job requires users to combine the right set of filters and cartridges to maximize protection and each element must be tracked so the user knows when it’s time for a replacement. The assistive respirator also monitors for proper fit and seal alerting the user when adjustments are needed.

At Pushstart, we don’t believe that everything needs to be “smart” but we do see a huge potential to leverage sensing and connected technologies to address real issues.

Air filter kits are stocked with a selection of supplies designed to address the majority of contaminants a user might encounter performing a given job. The assistive respirator is paired with a mobile app that monitors the usage and lifespan for each filter proactively prompting the user to order refills so they never run out.

The future of protection at work could sense and monitor your safety

When used thoughtfully and judiciously connected technologies have the power to create significant safety improvements with limited investment. At Pushstart, we don’t believe that everything needs to be “smart” but we do see huge potential to leverage sensing and connected technologies to address real issues.

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