The Power of the Passenger Seat

Don’t miss your chance to impact those around you

Korbyn Behl
Jul 29, 2019 · 4 min read
Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Switching Seats

Life can often feel like a race, quickly moving from one point to another. When we only focus on getting to where we want to go, it's easy to miss the impact we can have on others.

Life is a journey, not a destination.

It’s not always easy to leave the driver seat, it provides a feeling of control and progress. We choose the routes we take, when we stop, and how far we can get in a day. How many of us skip chances to network with others because we are convinced we are too busy? How many times do we notice someone who looks like they are having a bad day or needs help, but we decide we are too far behind to talk to them?

My Passenger Seat Moment

When I think back to my days of being a first-time people leader, gripping the wheel and staying in control of my day seemed essential. Emails, paperwork, coaching forms, reports, I was convinced all of these tasks needed to be done at all costs. It may go without saying, but I wasn't a very inspirational leader. My team performed the bare minimum necessary to avoid signing a piece of that paperwork with me and I couldn't tell you much about them.

A New Outlook

Now before I received the message, I had already learned a valuable lesson from my time in the passenger seat that day. By taking the time to connect with my team and learn about their lives, we established trust and bonds that drove them to perform beyond the bare minimum necessary. I earned their respect and therefore they performed because they wanted to help me be successful instead of just to avoid being disciplined or lectured. All it took was a few hours out of the driver seat to find a new outlook.


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