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Put It To Rest Newsletter #13

Welcome New Writers

Put It To Rest is excited to welcome our new writers, including Melissa Steussy, Emmanuel Lomax, J.D. Greyson, Margie Willis and T.C. Hails.

We had several poetry submissions on self-discovery, redemption, love, peace, and war that spoke to our hearts. The following are just some of the thought-provoking and emotive submissions of poetry and personal essays.

Put It To Rest is honored to house your work here to explore topics pertaining to mental health, relationships, and personal growth.


Melissa Steussy Who Will Help Us Sit With Our Darkets Feelings?

We don’t cower.
We let others in.
We feel.

Emmanuel Lomax’s Time Is Relative

Time is no relative of mine
It is merely a thief;
A robber that has dragged me on a journey

Richard Steele’s Social Medianthropy

Why don’t I conform?
It’s never fun to be another insect in a swarm.

JD Greyson’s Impermanence

What would I do with that love if I had it anyway?
Does not everything rise and fall?

Theodore McDowell’s The First Duet

My strong oak tree.
My cool shade in summer heat.

TC HailsBitter

Healing, because I need to feel
Healing, because you couldn’t

Rebecca Herz’s The mind’s weathering: a reckoning

say mind cannot escape the mind
just as water cannot escape the water

Daniel R. Fincher World On Fire

Tears with the will to fill up our streets,
until rooftops become our last islands of

Jennifer L. Stafford’s To Access Internal Peace We Must Navigate A Mental War

Civilians killed to remind us of the significance of life.
Where from within do we find the compassion needed to declare life’s truths?

Lindsay Soberano-Wilson’s When I Feel Light

I may slip but like a slingshot
made of rubber, I propel
I remain untouched

I Cannot Look Away

With the people of Ukraine
in my heart
in my mind

With the spirit of Ukraine

Lucy Lewis, Here We Are Again

Here we are again: my unfaithful thoughts
cheating on my uninhibited happiness

Lady Dr. Gabriella Korosi War Again. Poetry for Peace.

I do believe what most people need:
Are peace and peace.

Personal Essays

Melissa Steussy’s I’ve Been Grieving for 30 Years and I Didn’t Know It

I was never able to process the death of my grandpa, who was like a father to me.

When I got sober at 21 I finally cried and went to see his stone plaque on the wall of the cemetery. I felt a deep sadness, and it has stayed stagnant in the lower part of my belly for all of these years.

Margie Willis’ Being Bipolar Is Harder Than Rape

I’m writing this to show that even a strong person like myself, someone with a lifetime of picking tough rogue trails . . . I find being bipolar (with or without meds) to be the most grueling of all my life challenges.

Put It To Rest Is Open To Submissions

Call For Submissions

Do you have a story to tell that you need to put to rest?

Put It To Rest is a new publication accepting First-Person Stories OR Poetry about personal life experiences that have weighed on your mental health which you wish to explore through writing as a therapeutic endeavor.

House your work here to Put It To Rest.

Submission Guidelines



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