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Put It To Rest Newsletter #14

Poetry and Essays on Relationships, Girl Power, Emotions, and Challenging Mental Health Stigma.

Please enjoy the highlights of poems and essays from the last month, according to categories of nature, emotions, relationships, and breaking the mental health stigma.

The month of March brought about many pieces on fostering healthy relationships and tapping into our internal power. Maybe it was all of the lady boss energy that International Women’s Day (March 8) created that inspired poems and essays on resilience.

On another note, Put It To Rest also explored themes around nature and new beginnings with the welcoming of spring. Since we encourage writers to process their emotions through writing, many submissions explored the nuances of everyday emotions.

The latest submissions also placed emphasis on how much the relationship with the self impacts one’s relationship with others. In fact, our newest writer, Carolyn Riker graced us with an empowering anthem of the self in You Are Special.
it wasn’t and I stepped away
clipped the chords
tied a knot in my soul’s fabric
and felt warmed
by my own words
my own validation.

We are also honored to welcome new writers, Courtney Capone and Mary Duncan.

That brings us to another topic explored this month which is challenging the stigma of mental illness by fostering education and empathy, such as in Lindsay Soberano-Wilson’s poem, When She’s Lost and Then Found and Mary Duncan’s essay, You Have to Believe Mental Illness Is Real.

Please enjoy the highlights of poems and essays from the last month, according to the categories of nature, relationships, breaking the mental health stigma, and emotions.

Breaking the Mental Health Stigma

You Have to Believe Mental Illness Is Real by Mary Duncan

When you think that just because someone’s life doesn’t look so bad on the outside it means that they’re lying or making up their mental illness, you are becoming part of the problem.

When She’s Lost and Then Found Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

She is from that time and place
I wonder if she lost herself somewhere in there?

Relationships (with the self, others, and even pets!)

Forming Healthy Relationships Is More Valuable Than Being Nice Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

One symptom of this social conditioning is teaching girls and young women to “just be nice.” When we teach women to be nice we make them susceptible to being people-pleasers, overlooking red flags, and falling into the savior trap.

Money, Stop Playing Games Melissa Steussy

To have enough is all I’ve ever really wanted, but when you have enough it seems like you still need more.

A Vet Tech Lost: When I Couldn’t Save My Cat Courtney Capone

Grief can’t be put to rest, but self-doubt and guilt can. Whether I had told my husband what I knew earlier or not, whether we’d run the additional tests earlier or not… the result, in the end, would have been the same.

I Hate The Saying I’m Not Responsible For Your Feelings Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

When someone tells you that they’re not responsible for your feelings take that as a sign that what they really mean is they can’t be bothered with your feelings because that would mean that they have to take accountability for their actions, and they’re not prepared to do that.

If You’re Snooping On Your Partner, Your Relationship Is Broken Mary Duncan

If you can’t grant a person their privacy and keep your hands off their phone or their journal, it means your relationship is somehow broken, because if there were genuine trust there wouldn’t be invasive snooping.

One Of My Ex-Boyfriends Was A Closet Narcissist Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

My parents got a real kick out of it. They could never really understand why that painting of me kept coming and going. And neither could I. At least not until recently when I realized that he was angry that he no longer had a hold on me and that I wouldn’t comply.


I Rose Like A Phoenix Melissa Steussy

And then comes back to roll
Around in the ashes of despair
Like freedom is too free, and
Chains feel more like home.

Anger Rising Daniel R. Fincher

Keep fuckin’ around
and you can find out quick,
my hands are still steady
and my shots, they tend to hit.

I’ve Climbed Mountains Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

Those orange sherbet blast sunrises
live inside of me now
because they set there
from Santorini to Pesaro
from Jerusalem to Mount Masada
from Mount Sinai to the Pyramids of Giza
all the way through the Samaria Gorge
to end up by the Libyan sea

Put It To Rest Is Open To Submissions

Call For Submissions

Do you have a story to tell that you need to put to rest?

Put It To Rest is accepting First-Person Stories (personal essays and short stories) or Poetry about personal life experiences that have weighed on your mental health which you wish to explore through writing as a therapeutic endeavor.

House your work here to Put It To Rest.

Submission Guidelines



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Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

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