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Put It To Rest Newsletter #4

Latest Poems and Personal Essays

Put It To Rest has updated its submission guidelines pertaining to tags.

Here are the Calls for Submissions and the Writer’s Guidelines.

We also have good news: we have reached 62 followers!

Please spread the word and also help support your fellow writers here at Put It To Rest by actively reading and engaging in the publication, such as highlighting, clapping, and sharing.

1. Looking for Writers & What I Offer

I offer new writers of Put It To Rest to be part of the Poetry Matters community. When you publish with Put It To Rest you get exposure on PoetryMatters Twitter and Poetry.Matters Instagram.

I also offer a writer’s collaboration and networking page through my Facebook account Poetry. Matters where you can join and follow to post and share your writing for fellow writers to support.

Lastly, once you publish 6 poems or essays with Put It To Rest, you will have a feature page for your writing in a section About Our Writers.

2. Thank You to the New Writers

Thank you to our writers for their compelling submissions. Please make sure to enjoy these pieces by the following writers:


It’s OK by Erik Burger

High on what did you say? by Rina Zhubi

Silent Shadows by Anthony O’Dugan

I Cannot Hear Your Voice by Anthony O’Dugan

Flourescent Painted Stars and Moons by Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

Don’t Let the Door Hit You, Anger by Michael Centrone

Knock, Knock by Rina Zhubi

Personal Essays (Non-Fiction, Mental Health and Self)

Bullying Made a Hell Out of My Highschool Years by Jupiter Grant

Layla and I Wanted to be Friends but Our Parents Didn’t by Lindsay Soberano-Wilson.

Thank you to the following writers for all of the recent thought-provoking and emotional submissions Erik Burger Rina Zhubi Jupiter Grant Anthony O'Dugan Michael Centrone!

Thank you to all of our writers for their continued support and I look forward to publishing more of your work! Shirley Lover Boy in Space Jac Harmony GB Cooks Justin Farley KooKooBananas Omosivie Edebiri Glassgirl

Lindsay Soberano-Wilson is a poet, teacher, and freelance writer. She is a member of the Canadian League of Poets. Her poems and articles have appeared in publications such as Poetry Pause, FreshVoices22, Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Canadian Woman Studies Journal, The Canadian Jewish News, Scary Mommy, Travel Thru History, and Poetica Magazine. In addition to addressing self-identity and travel, her writing explores motherhood, feminism, sex-positivity, education, relationships, mental health, and literature. She holds a MA (English Literature) and a BEd from the University of Toronto, and a BA (Creative Writing and English Literature) from Concordia University.

Follow her at Poetry Matters on Medium, Instagram, or Twitter.

Contact Info: lindaysoberano@gmail.com



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