Put It To Rest
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Put It To Rest

Tell Me Who’s Next

The dizain drums of war are thrumming with energy

Photo by Gladson Xavier from Pexels

Got errbody out here doin’ dizain.
Poetry with some vernacular glow.
They say they want battle; maybe they cray.
Surely, they’ve heard of me, they cannot know
about this high-level gangsta type flow.
Don't they know I stay spittin’ like llamas?
Sendin’ ‘em home with new kinds of trauma?
Good luck keeping this ole Devil in check!
Line 'em up, shoot…




Do you have a story to tell that you need to put to rest? Put It To Rest. Then Let it Go!

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Daniel R. Fincher

Daniel R. Fincher

Freelance Writer, Storyteller, and Poet — Founder of Artistic Autism and Five-Minute Fiction

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