Weekly Roundup — Put Your People First

Welcome Changes to the Workplace

Tracy Bower details five predictions for the new world of work and three things really stuck out.

Employers will soon focus on providing support for well-being and mental health that have long been reserved for the most forward thinking companies. Perks like well-being assessments, meditation classes, and days outside of PTO to reset should be offered at every company. When your employees are in a good headspace, they are able to do better work.

Can technology please catch up in the workplace? This should finally be the time where companies invest in technology to foster communication and collaboration no matter the location.

Dust off your creative juices because your company will need innovative ideas and employees will finally have the time to work on passion projects. Spend a little less time watching Netflix and you might have the next big idea at your company or a new business. The choice is yours how you spend your extra time.

Big Names Talking Reduced Office Space

We’ve heard about companies like Twitter saying employees will have the option to work from home permanently.

More interesting, is the likes of Barclays, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley re-thinking if the cost of New York City commercial real-estate is worth it going forward. Those three companies take up as much real estate in downtown New York as the whole downtown of Nashville.

Photo by Jonathan Riley on Unsplash

Executives from these companies said they never entertained the notion of work from home before this. If such traditional companies like these are starting to rethink their need for office space, how many more are to come?

Some office building architecture is great, but I’m thinking about what great things can be thought up for cities in replace of these.

Trevor Noah Is All of Us

I’ve been absolutely guilty during this transition of rolling out of bed and opening my laptop. Sharing a small apartment means there’s not a lot of separation between home and work.

Trevor warns about working everywhere in your apartment or house and then “everywhere” turns into work.

For some, this is easier said than done. But I’m thinking people that have this flexibility long term will identify what their ideal home situation is. Some will not need to live in a city and can opt for more space. Others (like me) are tossing around the idea of dealing with a smaller place but living near the beach. With work flexibility, the options are endless.

One of the Big Four Preaching People First

This one obviously makes me happy. I’ve worked at one of the big four and there is some relentless work ethic there (which I love). That being said, putting people first needs to be ingrained in the culture and this is a welcome sign from EY.

“By putting people first, organizations can build and maintain trust with their employees, their customers and their stakeholders.” — Mike Bertolino, EY Global People Advisory Services Leader



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