Letters to Myself (1)

Dear Me,

Hope you are fine with whatever you are doing.

I hope still you are making plans that you are gonna materialize all your goals. But do you what you are losing, time?

There is nothing called perfection. You know you are weirdo, right? You don’t have powers to do anything.

You want to be slimmer, smart, clever, you wanted to be that all your life but there is a huge psychological problem in yourself do you Know?

You are obese from your mind.

You are dumb from your mind.

And you are crazy lazy Guy with tons of big dreams. How do you solve all your problems?

Stop dreaming —

Stop planning —

Stop thinking —

Start working, If there is a mate for you you will meet her somewhere around the world someday otherwise you will stick with your original plan to be a modern saint. Saint-ism works with you, You know very well women’s make your life toxic.

Be the Change Who you are —

Work, Work, Work..

Focus, Focus, Focus..

Letters to Thyself, 19th May 2017.