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Another Unique Puzzle to Solve

Many philosophers say often people fall in love with the wrong person to find the next right one. Generally this cycle varies people to people, for some it continues to 2–3 persons, several marriages and finally they settle down with someone. And for others its only one, they meet only one person in their life whom they think perfect for each other and spend their lifetime with them.

But in reality the second one is rare, I mean there is no perfect love and relationships in lifetime. And the ones who found it this way are the rarest ones’, I consider them gifted by nature and destiny. Nature gifted them what they wanted exactly, with right elements at the exact right time.

And for others, they fail in love, few times, many times to understand the importance of love, experience heartache, rediscover and rebuilt themselves. Its a process that continues few times, many times and gives them strength, experiences of losing someone, regaining someone and finding the absolute truth behind love and relationships.

Sometimes people say love is all about sacrifices, I mean what you can do for the other person than what she or he can do for you, also few people say Go for him/her who loves you exactly what you are now you. Its like the jigsaw puzzle where there is no ultimate or definite solutions of the same problem, everyone is solving with their own thoughts, philosophies and requirements.

Right now I am also puzzled with these problem and trying to solve. But its been hard so far, I am sensing I need to sacrifice some of my requirements, what is it I don’t know yet. Such as whether its my purity standards, values or something else. I think time will tell, I need to wait patiently for the magic to happen.

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