Why Receiving a No Really Means a lot

I met two types of personalities in life.

  1. Yes Person
  2. No Person

And in the middle of them there are some yes, maybe or no, maybe ones’, who are just queers standing in the middle always.

A Confused mind is always hazardous

A Yes means-

You know very well what do you want, you have felt need of it for quite a long time and finally you have received it.


You don’t want to drain your brain thinking about what is wrong or right, you just accept whatever comes along the way, embrace it whatever experience it brings, either its a joyful or sorrowful one.

A No means-

Again you have clear sense of what you do not want to do or have and you are very confident about the bridge, you do not break it at any circumstances.


You are not open enough for new challenges, new experiences. You are just fearful to accept any change, maybe it could be a roller coaster ride or much worse or even better. You just don’t have the courage of accepting uncertainty.

In the middle there are Yes, Maybe ones or No, Maybe ones who are always confused about what they want, why they want it, they change every decisions every now and then. They are like queers, as I said earlier. Sometimes they accept, embrace uncertainty and sometimes they hide them in the closet.

Everybody has fears, beliefs, concerns, priorities, which we fight,maintain everyday.

It could be waking up in the morning fighting with our laziness or committing yourself for lifetime to a person whom you don’t know yet much. And people who doesn’t have a clear sense of what do they want or what they can give to the other person, they are always confused.

I believe relationships are sacred bonds, made from heaven. And I am open to accept uncertainty, make a choice first and then make it right. Cause its a life long journey, it requires very much hard work to make it right always, I am willing to do that hard work.

And the funny thing is that, I cannot handle no at beginning, cause I am not used to it. But I also believe in serendipity, whatever was supposed to happen, happened already, the train has already left the station, you can’t catch it now anyway,

Unless you have a time machine.