PSU September Update

Where did the summer go? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

School begins September 6! Here’s how PSU is building student power this month. There are some big ways you can get involved, too!

This month…

🏆 Submit your nomination for PSU’s “A+ Youth Ally Award”

📋 Recruitment at schools is firing up!

👫 Join the PSU Action Network

Who will you nominate for this year’s award?

Submit your nomination for PSU’s “A+ Youth Ally Award”

Do you know someone who is stepping up and making a difference for students?

We want to know! At this year’s Back to School Bash on September 28th, PSU will celebrate a local adult ally or advocate who has worked to improve the lives of PSU student leaders and young people in Providence generally.

Click here to nominate a local youth ally!

We want your nominees! Who has been out there quietly working with and for young people for years? Who has really burst onto the youth organizing scene and helped young people win big campaign victories? OR: who is working behind the scenes to facilitate policy changes that improve students’ lives and make PSU’s work possible (or even unnecessary)? Let us know—submit your nomination here!

Last summer days at PSU for Cheikh and Leann (left)

Recruitment at schools is firing up!

It’s the best time of the year for PSU! All of September, we’ll be meeting hundreds—or thousands!—of Providence students and discussing their thoughts about their schools. Along the way, PSU members and staff organizers are signing up hundreds of young people to invite them to meetings, trainings, and citywide events.

Take a second and chip in $3 to help our recruitment work this fall?

Brendan and Jayleen making calls!

Join the PSU Action Network

Let’s build community. Every day, folks on the “PSU Action Network” Facebook group are sharing education stories, discussing articles, and showing love for PSU’s student leaders.

Join the PSU Action Network today!

Join the conversation! Just click here and add yourself to the group. Better yet, introduce yourself with a short post. Talk soon!

That’s all for September. Keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Your friends at PSU

PS: Don’t forget to nominate your friends and local heroes for PSU’s A+ Youth Ally Award!

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