Our Draft Picks: PwC Earns Top Spot in Digital Agency Rankings

With this weekend’s NFL draft now behind us, some of our nation’s most skilled athletes are about to settle in with their new teams. And with fresh talent on board, I’d imagine each team has renewed sense of optimism that they stand a chance of a high standing next season.

Having a high standing — especially when it’s based on new talent, good prospects and the cultivation of some MVPs — matters just as much across companies and consulting firms as it does on the field. That’s why I’m proud that PwC was just ranked fifth among the largest global digital agencies in Advertising Age’s annual Agency Report.

The fact that we were picked by AdAge is important to me for a few reasons. On a basic level, it’s exciting to see that the market continues to recognize our presence and capabilities across technology, strategy, operations, and today PwC we are the fifth largest digital agency. Watching our team expand in 2016, when PwC Digital Services added thousands of new employees worldwide and opened 15 new Experience Centers to host them, means we’re doing something right.

But, while stats are important in any draft, more important to me is what those stats mean within our firm. As I walk the halls of our Experience Center or participate in brainstorms with my PwC Digital Services colleagues, I encounter the people who make those numbers mean something. Those new employees represent new perspectives, ideas and innovators and when working alongside our existing teams, we create business results that matter for our clients. Those 15 locations are spaces designed to cultivate creativity and digital transformation for our clients that might be struggling to compete. We look at our draft picks — at our growth — for more than just the stats, we look at what each person brings to the table and to the team.

We are continuing to combine talent across strategy, operations, technology innovation, analytics, and design to rapidly increase productivity and growth across the full value chain: business models, products, customer experience and operations.

Our draft picks and this AdAge ranking are indicative of our strategic growth and our focus on keeping as many yards as possible ahead of our clients’ needs. We’ve worked to up our own Digital IQ, acquiring firms capable in the digital and design spaces and plan for a future that allows us to continue our growth trajectory. Some of our most recent acquisitions include NSI DMCC (Middle East) and Pond (Sweden), as well as Cinovate (Canada), Everett (United Kingdom), FluidHK (Hong Kong), Nealite (France) and Outbox Group (Poland) in the last couple years.

As we continue to draft experts and to grow our footprint, I’ve been inspired by what we’ve accomplished and how we’ve helped our clients become better and more competitive. There are many ways to measure the impact of a large team. Some metrics, like the revenue generated or touchdowns scored, can be easily reflected in simple statistics. Other qualities aren’t easily quantified, but are equally important to the success of our company.

This diverse range of voices has shown us that collaboration is immeasurable once you get the right people together, a lesson I’m sure the new football recruits will soon learn too. There’s no way to tell who will dominate the field this season in business or in the NFL, but we’re proud of the team we’ve assembled so far and for the standings we’ll aim for in the future.

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