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PWiC Lahore: Meetup and Mentoring Circles Event

On August 3rd, PWiC Lahore hosted its first local event in the area. The event consisted of a panel discussion and mentoring circles and concluded with a networking session. More than 40 people from industry and academia alike attended the event. The session brought together a number of mentors from the local tech community who mentored the next generation of technology builders.

Introduction to PWiC: Farah Ali

PWiC’s cofounder Farah Ali shared PWiC’s vision, goals, programs, and impact with the audience. She also shared the importance of mentoring and how to maximize its benefits. Farah was addressing the session through a live video call from Seattle, USA.

Keynote Session: Dr. Bushra Anjum

Dr. Bushra Anjum delivered the keynote session where she spoke about how to be a good communicator and shared tips on how to deliver effective presentations. Dr. Bushra also delivered the session through a live video call from California, USA.

Keynote Sessionby Dr. Bushra Anjum

Mentoring Panel: Industry and Academia

Next, a mentoring panel representing panelists from the local industry and academia was conducted where all the panelists shared practical mentoring advice with the audience and addressed the most commonly asked questions related to career launch and navigation. Following the panel, the audience actively. engaged in the Q/A where some common themes were; how to approach mentors, how to transition to middle management roles. The event was moderated by Saba Rasheed Malik and the attendees found this panel conversation to be very insightful.

Mentoring Circle

After the panel, all the attendees were split into groups where each group was led by a mentor and consisted of a small set of mentees. Each mentoring circle was focused on one particular domain representing academia, industry, and entrepreneurship. The mentees asked engaging questions and the mentors responded with useful and practical advice.

Networking Over Food

Towards the end of the event, the attendees got a chance to network over snacks.

Special Thanks

To our speakers, mentors, panelists, partners, sponsors, and last but not least, to the following volunteers.

  • Aiza Hasib — Lead Event Organizer
  • Tooba Mukhtar
  • Tooba Farooqi
  • Khadia Batool Gardezi
  • Amna Sadiq
  • Zoha Ashfaq
  • Abdul Moeed
  • Bizzah Batool
  • Umair Malik

Sponsorships and Partnerships

A special shoutout to the event’s sponsors Optera Digital and We Print. The event’s space was provided by Daftarkhawn.

Thank you for reading!

About the Author(s)

Aiza Hasib is an active volunteer with the PWiC global team, a GHC scholarship recipient and a student of Masters in Computer Graphics at Purdue University.

Huma Hamid is a tech-maker mom, Cofounder and President of Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC). She is passionate about building teams, products, and communities and believes in equal opportunities for all. You can reach out to her via LinkedIn and Twitter.



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