Design to CSS: How to adjust position while converting FIGMA & SKETCH

As a Front-end designer & developer, do you ever seek for a tool that helps to convert Design into HTML, CSS, React, and faster?

In this article, we will be sharing a whole new way for Design to Code.

By converting Figma/Sketch, it will result in complete Responsive Web code. All these features can be easily done in a tool, named pxCode.

Here we present a tutorial of pxCode, sharing the fastest way to adjust element’s position.

We all understand how much time it would be consumed if Developer uses the traditional coding way. But in pxCode, a feature is created to improve editing speed by 20x faster —— Posize & Flex.

In pxCode, you don’t need to have coding nor design experience, because it is built for everyone.


➤ 【5–5】pxCode Posize & Flex:The ultimate feature to improve Design to Code 20x faster

⏱ Timeline:
🔵 0:08 Group
🔵 0:20 Posize
🔵 1:07 Design Case
🔵 1:44 Posize Code
🔵 1:56 Flex
🔵 2:57 Fusion Flex
🔵 4:09 Conclusion


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