User Interface: Learn the fastest way to convert Design into Code

As a Front-end designer & developer, do you ever seek for a tool that helps to convert Design into HTML, CSS, React, and faster?

In this article, we will be sharing a whole new way for Design to Code.

By converting Figma/Sketch, it will result in complete Responsive Web code. All these features can be easily done in a tool, named pxCode.

Here we present a tutorial of pxCode, including its User Interface.

User Interface really make up the difference, because a good UI/UX can improve the design way more than expected. In pxCode case, it helps Designer & Developers to complete the process by 20x faster.

You don’t need to have coding nor design experience to try, because pxCode is built for everyone.


➤ 【3–5】pxCode User Interface:The four main editing parts

⏱ Timeline:

🔵 0:04 pxCode User Interface
🔵 0:20 Navigator
🔵 0:36 Inspector
🔵 0:47 Composition
🔵 1:12 Toolbar
🔵 2:03 Editing Canvas
🔵 2:35 Conclusion


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