Who Owns Project X Open Source Foundation “PXOS”?

Most blockchain projects are pursuing decentralization and can’t be categorized as startups.

In today’s technology development, startups usually capitalize by safe guarding intellectual property, data, and full control of the new company.

Blockchain projects capitalize by creating DApp which can become more valuable as the utility of its network/protocol grows with its users.

Blockchains are transparent by nature. With PXOS Platform being open source for anyone to view, the trust can be mutually established between developers and users.

Leadership and Ownership

PXOS, is a blockchain with an open and close network the first of its kind, for anyone to use, the project itself is governed by the token holders and users. The PXOS foundation owns only 5% of the circulating and total tokens. PX Tokens have voting rights over PXOS Foundation and governance of the same, with the exception of an 18% of the total tokes, referred as Preferred Tokens W/Voting Rights, “PPX”, which are identified with different denomination.

82% of circulating PX Tokens holders vote to either approve or reject PXOS NESTING of a new DApp, but do not govern the DApp itself, although maintains rights on the success of the deep with a percentage ownership in exchange for initial funding in PPX Tokens. The DApp itself will not gain voting rights over the foundation until fully vested, each DApp has different agreements.

Our token model, creates incentives for those developing DApp Projects using the PXOS Platform to create mutual value. Each DApp is assigned a certain amount of PPX Tokens from the available pool of 18% of Preferred Tokens W/Voting Rights to develop the project. Once the DApp project gets approved by the majority PX Token Holders, the DApp project itself becomes decentralized from the PXOS Foundation. And all resources used to develop that DApp will be subsidized by the amount of Preferred Token W/ Voting Rights “PPX” assigned. In that way, Project X Open Source Foundation, is able to branch out while maintaining a full decentralization.

The First DApp created using the PXOS Platform is MPVS which will be released on 2019.

The Separation of Project X Open Source Foundation and DApps’

Project X Open Source “PXOS” was found to best serve the interests of the users.

The development of the PXOS, should be controlled by the token holders and users and not by a single source as is done in most startups.

While it was decided to develop MPVS as the first DApp of the PXOS Foundation, it was clear the need for a separation between the two of them while keeping MPVS inclusive of PXOS.

If you go to the ABOUT page on the PXOS website, you’ll see the list of our team members, some of them work on both projects, but most technical people are exclusive of each project with the exception of team leads.

Since the creation of Project X Open Source, it was the priority of the founder to allow PX Token holders and used to govern the foundation. The concept behind the system of Preferred Token W/Voting Rights is to encourage the development of DApp creations. PX Token holders for the first time ever will get to choose DApps’ being developed. By rewarding the best ideas, token holders will be shaping the future of the PXOS Foundation, Blockchain and Technology. Partnering with DApp developers allows PXOS Foundation to create a mainstream of developing technology at the same time the foundation will gets rewarded financially from successful DApp. The profits from successful DApp will be split between token holders and to support new DApp development to maintain an annual 18% of PXOS NESTING.

With PXOS NESTING we are supporting projects that are not financially sustainable yet, but are crucial to PXOS Foundation, Block Chain and Technology.

PXOS NESTING will do its best to provide sustainable methods of funding to selected DApp Project.

Project X Open Source Foundation is meant to allow constant innovation of blockchain usage by promoting the development of decentralized applications. As the volume of DApps’ and users increases populating PXOS blockchain networks, our Scientists and Engineers will continue to work improving the network to have the most advance blockchain platform in existence.