Diversity and Inclusion

Calista Tee
Aug 5, 2018 · 4 min read

Diversity. Inclusion. These words are being used everywhere for a very good reason. They carry so much weight it’s impossible to ignore, especially in our very own tech hub, Silicon Valley.

At PyBay, we value diverse perspectives in business or in tech. Over the past two years, we have assembled a diverse range of speakers and attendee pool with up to 25% females. In this post, we are proud to introduce you to companies that have adopted improvements which are imperative to their growth as an organization by setting clear intentions and missions. On top of that, they have an archive of works and values they have acquired to claim the spots as proud sponsors for PyBay’s Diversity and Inclusion community.

Hackbright Academy

The leading engineering school for women!

… with more than 700 of them currently pursuing their dream jobs at renowned technology giants such as Google, Dropbox, and Airbnb. Their mission has always been to encourage more women to immerse themselves in tech by providing them with highly curated, personalized path to a fulfilling software engineering career.

Special thanks to Hackbright Academy for jumpstarting our fundraising efforts this year by making #PyBay2018 a dream come true for five very talented individuals!

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs makes automated testing awesome!

With a strong commitment to enhancing the Python ecosystem, Sauce Labs believes that we have the power to improve the way we treat each other, collaborate in a trusting environment, and treating everyone professionally without losing our individuality. Varying viewpoint is a natural by-product that comes from having a diverse team, and Sauce Labs team willingly embrace different insights and experiences to continually nurture their unique and open culture.


The best cloud hosting platform out there!

Linode leaves no one behind. Highly committed to providing a welcoming and inspiring Community for all, Linode welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds and identities. They take their contributors with diverse backgrounds seriously and is always looking for ways to honor their various contributions.


The world’s most popular search engine. Period.

Google, one of the most prominent tech giants in this age of time, are also the ones who are actively supporting grassroots employee communities. To achieve a more equitable workspace, Googlers work hard to eliminate bias in their systems and people processes, resulting in an astonishing 0% statistic pay differences between Googlers! Diversity and Inclusion communities within the company are also abundant globally, with up to 250+ chapters to connect those who share similar values. Whether young or old, Googlers are sure to find their voices and homes within the largest search engine on Earth.

Citus Data

…takes away your database trouble, so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Your app.

Check out Citus Data’s upcoming lightning talk at PyBay: “Scaling multi-tenant apps using the Django ORM and Postgres”.

RSVP here!

Individual Donors

Heartfelt thanks to:

  • Ed Haymore
  • Gang Huang
  • Patrick Kennedy
  • Larry Hastings
  • Will Rachelson
  • Margaret DelMundo

Thanks to your generous contributions, we will be able to help 46 awardees attend PyBay — and we can’t wait to see the amount of value they’ll add to this conference!

Our scholars are big on contributing to open source libraries, running amazing local Python communities in their own cities, using data science for social good, working on applications for non-profit organizations to benefit veterans and military, etc. We are also proud to be helping under-represented groups with financial aids, such as African Americans who are huge contributors to the hackerspace and phenomenal organizations such as Women Who Code, women who are looking to get more involved in open source projects and to understand how they can begin contributing, and also female boot camp grads who are pursuing engineering as their second careers.

Most importantly, they have a funnily contagious way of getting everyone pumped with the idea of constant learning.

No words can describe the feeling that we get when we contribute and give back to a community that has helped build us up to where we are today. No contributions are too small, and every action counts.

If you are interested in supporting our Diversity and Inclusion efforts in any way, you can:

Become a Diversity Sponsor

$2000+ sponsors will receive:

$3500+ sponsors will receive an additional:

  • A table to exhibit on Sunday

$5000+ sponsors will receive an additional:

  • 2–3 mins speaking slot prior to PyBay keynotes
  • Guest blog on our site on a subject of your choice

Contribute as an Individual

  • Encourage Python developers, especially those from under-represented groups to attend PyBay
  • Make a donation when you purchase ticket or donate here (every dime counts!)

Apply NOW for Financial Aid to Attend

Deadline to apply: Sunday 8/12 . Awards will be given out Sunday night.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to shaking your hands and sharing knowledge with you at #PyBay2018.


Regional Python Conference in San Francisco Bay Area

Calista Tee

Written by

python beginner, accident survivor, mindful reader & shoes hoarder. penciled sentiments @calistatee.com; visuals @calistatee.



Regional Python Conference in San Francisco Bay Area

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