Vilma Medrano
Aug 1 · 2 min read

Hi Python enthusiasts, come join us in two weeks at PyBay2019! Make sure you check the speakers, they are ready to expand your Python world! Come meet, connect, and learn.

Have you had the itch to design your own Python API? Come scratch that itch at PyBay2019 with Antonio Piccolboni! Here is Antonio.

Antonio Piccolboni (Courtesy Photo)

What are you going to be speaking about at PyBay2019, and why are you excited to give this talk?

I am going to speak about designing python APIs and in particular about a package, autosig, of which I am the author, that supports the writing of good APIs. I am looking forward to giving this package some visibility and receiving feedback from the community.

How did you get into programming and Python?

I started programming in high school on an Apple II gs. As far as Python, I was the lead in a rewrite of a lab management and data analysis system. Our group was using C, C++, R and Perl at that time. Had a meeting with my teammates and discussed which language to use among those 4. The answer was Python, even though we all had to learn it in the process.

What’s one of the features about Python you like the best?

The libs. There is such a wealth of them for any corner of computing, and sometimes even the most settled ones get replaced. It’s so dynamic.

What’s your favorite Python library (core or third-party), and why?

Not sure. I would say Hug and Zappa are incredible boilerplate slayers and result in high quality code. But day-to-day, I use the scientific packages, scikit, numpy, pandas.

What can you be found doing when you’re not writing code?

Reading code. You should read good code more than you write it.

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Regional Python Conference in San Francisco Bay Area

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Regional Python Conference in San Francisco Bay Area

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