PyJaipur First meetup

After participating in some hackathons and confrences in india i realized that there is no other better way to learn technology with a community. but in jaipur there was no such open group. as a Python enthusiast i created a meetup page of PyJaipur in september 2017 but due to our exams and not able to manage venue we couldn’t manage to have meetup.

But in this summer love for Python was more than any reason to stop us. so Shikhali ma’am, the host for the First meetup of PyJaipur droped a message on meetup page to manage the venue and that’s what we needed. the very next day we decided we are going to do it this time. within couple of days we posted the details of our first meetup.

On June 17th 2018, 17 Python enthusiast came for first meetup with great enthusiast at Westores Cafe, Jaipur. as per our planned we started our first Meetup at 10AM. initiating with a talk on basic Python given by Kirti Bajaj who is a 3rd Year B.Tech student in JECRC University. people really took part in discussion and try to learn more about basic things in Python. after this i gave a small example on smtplib to motivate people towards the work they can do in Python in a very easy manner.after completing Tech Session of 2 hours all 17 people stayed to talk on contribution toward the PyJaipur community we divided and took responsibilty of somework.

The First Meetup, westores cafe, jaipur

We are surely going to do it in next month as well. The Topics for next Meetup are

  1. Introduction to git/github.
  2. Basic Data Structure and Algorithm with Python.
  3. understanding the web by web scrapping in Python.

if you are in jaipur or near by jaipur we would love to have you in our meetups on sunday. we would love to have you on following platforms as well.


A very Special Thanks to

Shikhali Ma’am — For helping in arranging venue for meetup

Manoj Pandey — For setting up the meetup page and guidance in initial phase(september)

Prashant Pandey — my senior who always motivated me to take a step ahead for meetup group.

Akshay Bengani — for creating a super cool logo of PyJaipur.

Kirti Bajaj — For giving a talk on Introduction To Python.

Thanks For Reading :)