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About Kurtis Pykes — 2021

Welcome to Kurtis Pykes’ Medium page! Updated April 27th, 2022

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About me

I’m an ex professional footballer (soccer for my US friends), pastor, and postman but the best description for me now is probably a digital nomad. I know what you’re thinking — “that’s some career progression.” It wasn’t planned.

My problem with football was its lifespan; Footballers typically retire around ages 33–37 years old. This means a professional career is about 18 years given you signed your contract at 17 years. When I was 17, I turned down a professional contract offer from Dagenham & Redbridge FC, and at 18 I turned down the opportunity to trial for Nottingham County FC. Some would argue that my long-term perspective hindered my progress.

Either way, I ended up in church. It was no ordinary church. Youths were enthusiastic about God and willingly devoted themselves to the cause. I was there for 4 years.

Early on in my journey I committed myself wholeheartedly to learning more about God and helping others on their paths. This got me ordained as a Pastor at just 21 years old. As time went on and I got deeper into the organization, I started to realize some extremely shady practices and began distancing myself until I completely detached in Jan 2019 — it turns out I was in a cult.

I left the cult in debt but while I was there I was thinking of directions for my life to go. I wanted to learn a skill that didn’t require me to physically exert myself so it could outlive my body. That’s when I came across artificial intelligence and machine learning. I took up roles as a postman then later a postroom assistant to fund my education which started in late 2017.

In June 2019, I landed my first internship as an ML engineer; The Covid-19 pandemic hit us in March 2020. I was furloughed and thought writing would be a good use of my time. In September 2020, the company was forced to make me redundant due to a lack of funds but by that time, my freelance writing began taking off. Freelance opportunities came pouring in and I made the most of them.

Now we’re here :)


I have created two publications to make it easier for readers to find the topics they are interested in reading from me. Those publications are:

  • Pykes Notes — I share thoughts on freelancing in technology.
  • Pykes Technical Notes— I share how-to’s, listicles, essays, opinions, etc. about python, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Note: My contributions to these publications aren’t as frequent at the moment.

I’ve contributed to a number of other platforms in the past and will likely continue this practice going forward — these contributions are generally about machine learning, python programming, and freelancing in tech.

Here are the four most recent publications you can find my work:

Social media

I’m a stout believer in Cal Newport’s deep work philosophy. Consequently, my status on any active social media account I control is oftentimes “busy.” Most of my content is shared via social media schedulers so please don’t mistake activity for availability.

I do this because I wish to devote the majority of my efforts to helping others thrive in the digital era. The remainder of my time is set aside for family and friends. Please understand that responses on these platforms may not be immediate if any are given at all.

Contact me

LinkedIn is the best place to reach me for freelance-related opportunities.

Twitter is the best way to reach more for python, machine learning, and freelancing in technology-related advice.

Instagram is the worst place to contact me for business inquiries, but it’s great if you’re interested in keeping up with what I’ve been doing from a visual perspective.

Final word

I am truly grateful for your contribution to my life as a digital nomad.

Thank you.

Kurtis Pykes.




How to’s, opinions, experiences, and thoughts about artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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