Co-creating Pynk; a decentralised tech co-operative fit for the future!

Zack Yurtsever
Oct 17, 2019 · 5 min read

Pynk is all about people. This is why, of all the startups I could have joined, I decided to help build and grow Pynk. It’s also why I am passionate about the Pynk community I work with every day. Over the last months, I have come to know many of you personally and it makes my day to know we are like-minded people who are trying to build something truly special.

The core idea underlying Pynk is to bring fellow minded people into a collective that help each other. Regardless of race, religion, financial status — all are welcome, as long as they are not trying to cheat the system (we know who you are!). We are here to fight financial discrimination together. That means we invest, learn and win together.

Money issues and being able to build a financial future are a major concern for many around the world. At the same time, no matter how hard you work, it is a challenge to consistently win at investing. Not investing is simply not an option, since inflationary effects will eat away at your savings. When you do come to investing, the pressure of making the right decision on behalf of yourself and your loved ones can be overwhelming. With every investment decision comes imperfect information and risk. So where to start?

Here at Pynk, we’re trying to solve that problem for you. By sticking together, and working together, we lower the risk for all. No matter if you are one of our elite super predictors or have little to no idea about future asset prices, with thousands of Crowd members on your side, you can rest easy.

Sir Francis Galton’s Wisdom of Crowds worked like magic when he asked almost 900 villagers to estimate the weight of an Ox. Pynk’s Crowd Wisdom system which combines WoC, Rose A.I and our expert analysis — predicts the direction of a financial asset over 24 hours with more than 70% accuracy. Encouragingly, that percentage is increasing as we collect more prediction data over time. We think this is a remarkable outcome for a high volatile asset such as Bitcoin.

As ROSE A.I gets smarter at making trading and investment decisions, we at Team Pynk are also learning much around how to maintain this performance, and the steps we must take today to build a yet stronger system for tomorrow.

We are creating a disruptive fin-tech model that is future-fit; a tech co-operative whose shares are owned by its users, contributors, supporters and community members. One aspect that the team have discussed in length in recent months is the idea of “co-creation” and giving Pynkster shareholders the chance to build Pynk in the way they see best.

DeFi: Pynk’s vision is to one day be governed by Pynksters the world over

This supports our idea of our decentralised vision — so that Pynk becomes governed by Pynksters the world over rather than by Team Pynk (a centralised team). You will see this trend in fintech referred to as “DeFi” and Pynk intend to lead the way on this!!

That’s why you will hear us say Pynk is “powered by everyday investors, built for everyday people” and it is my honour and privilege to share 3 announcements with you today:

  1. One of our earliest adopters Deyner, of beautiful Cuba, is joining Team Pynk officially with the objective of helping our developers to better understand the needs of the Crowd. Deyner has the necessary skill set to represent the Pynk Crowd’s perspective and relate that back the Pynk dev team. As an active member of the Pynk Crowd, Deyner is well placed to lead community discussions and facilitate technical co-creation workstreams.
  2. We recently signed a deal with one of the world’s best UX/UI schools, Flatiron, to help us deliver a better user experience for our Beta Prediction Tool (our MVP). To better ensure the needs and wants of Pynksters are reflected in the outcome, Matt (from Sunny California) will lead on this project.
  3. Last, but certainly not least, Al of bonnie Scotland (if anyone has a Scotland flag emoji for Medium please send to me!) is now working closely to manage the Crowd’s needs and help with any requests they may have. Many of you reading this will recognise Al’s name from our Telegram group and he may well have welcomed you onboard already.


True Pynksters are trying to become better human beings, for themselves, their families and for society at large, and together it feels good!

Click to submit your application now:

If you think you can help in the areas of marketing, PR, design, data analysis, AI, Crowd Wisdom, regulatory and legal advice and want to lend a helping hand — feel free to complete this FORM and tell us your experiences, professional or otherwise.

Co-Creation can be part-time, full-time, paid or non-paid depending on the skillset you may have and the needs of the project.

Once we have the appropriate project for you — we will reach out and hope to get you involved in some capacity. Please stay tuned for more on this.

The above announcements make me very proud in just how far we as a community have come in a relatively short period of time. Thanks to all for your ongoing support.

Now all I have to do is convince Pynk bosses to give me a chance to go visit Deyner, Matt and Al!! 🥳

If you have any questions — jump into our Telegram community, DM us on FB Messenger or drop us an email at and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Zack Yurtsever

Twitter | Linkedin


Pynk’s ‘Crowd Wisdom’ system combines our crowd, experts and A.I. to make smarter investment decisions. People Powered Investment.

Zack Yurtsever

Written by

Head of Growth & Co-Founder Speaks fluent Geek. Formerly owner of Karkay Hotels.



Pynk’s ‘Crowd Wisdom’ system combines our crowd, experts and A.I. to make smarter investment decisions. People Powered Investment.

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