Creating an approachable, but expert, investment fund brand for the everyday retail investor

Whether you’re an expert trader or a day-one novice, investing is always a little bit scary. And, investing in cryptocurrencies and Crypto related stocks? Well, that’s really quite scary. This innovative market is yet to stabilize with any real sense of confirmation. Such slim-pickings and risky environment make independent financial ventures into this arena seem almost desperate and fundamentally unwise.

Yet, here at Pynk, we are more than aware that crypto and blockchain related technology has huge potential which is already being fulfilled and has the capability to grow into a technological marvel like nothing seen in recent times. That’s why they call it the Web 3.0 revolution. It is an opportunity, which any retail investor, no matter their capability and experience, should be looking into. Yet willingness to go it alone and make that investment is an incredibly daunting proposition, to say the least. Don’t worry, that’s where Pynk comes in.

Pynk ties together the necessary requirements, to relieve the investor of much of the associated risks of crypto investment, and through the use of crowd, cooperation creates an incredibly successful fund. What are those requirements you ask? What makes our fund stand out from the next one? It’s quite simple really and it boils down to four key characteristics:

  1. The ‘millennial’ investor
  2. Education
  3. The triple powers: Crowd wisdom, Experts and AI
  4. Diversification

So make sure your coffee is to hand and read on, as we explain how Pynk ties these requirements together to make what will be the most successful, people-powered fund, to ever exist within the exciting new world of Crypto.

1. The ‘Millenial’ Investor

Innovative, different and a little bit risky. That’s how we see Crypto. Your folks, your grandparents? Well, as my Grandmother recently put it, “oh I don’t like the idea of that Crypto business, sounds like a big ol’ scam to me!” Alas, maybe she has a right to be cautious — but this is a long-term play and now is the right time to get involved.

At Pynk we recognize that investing in new and emerging markets is a daunting process, but we are also not foolish. There is so much potential and it should not be forgone. But who is ready to take that step? That risk? Well, primarily it falls to us: the millennials — filling up the overpriced coffee shops with our MacBooks, as we browse the most recent copy of the Economist over some avocado toast and a flat white. The opportunity is there, the potential is real and the desire to get involved is very much present.

But where is our in? How do we learn about Crypto so that we can make informed predictions? And, if and when we have funds available, where do we choose to invest, in a market which seems to be populated by endless crypto and blockchain startups? To what extent can we make informed predictions when, unlike the traditional market, without significant research and reports available, predictions often seem half-hearted and misleading?

The answer to this myriad of questions lies with a new approach to crypto education and the creation of a crowd which can provide the predictions necessary to locate the most successful diversification of crypto options.

2. A New Approach to Education

Fundamental to Pynk’s success is the creation of a body of people who can collectively make predictions on the Crypto market, but to ensure that this group is successful, we must be certain that they are sufficiently educated in all things crypto and blockchain.

The education platform involves working with esteemed professors across London to devise an elegant solution to a rather grotesque problem: the inequality of education. We are a team of like-minded people who are dedicated to this cause and have started work on our prototype.

At Pynk, our ethos centers on the need to fix many of the problems which plague numerous industries, but specifically education. Education today must consider a 21st Century approach. An approach that parts with the traditional and embraces the innovative. An approach that includes everyone. We believe the problems with contemporary education, are threefold:

  1. A level playing field. In the current system, and this can be dependable throughout the globe, the education system does not benefit everyone equally. When somebody starts school, until the day they finish, unequal opportunities affect the system. Certain people will receive benefits which are provided to them, rather than earnt. For example, someone born in an affluent area is much more likely to achieve their potential and much beyond, due to the smooth road they follow through life. This, compared with someone who is from a poorer area, is not even a competition. Such a simple injustice is compounded when you factor a bunch of other variables such as ability, attitude, environment, family, school, understanding… and much, much more.
  2. One Size Fits All. A blanket approach to education is another point of failure. The unfortunate attitude of most systems is to treat all children the same and to simply get them from one point to the next. This fails most people. It fails them because everyone is an individual, and fundamentally unique, that they require thousands of hours of individual focus in order to expose the nuances which will make them great. Education systems are deeply flawed. Possibly by design. And do not allow individuals to be developed in such a way.
  3. Arbitrary Targets. The arbitrary targets set by systems is another serious issue. A focus on individuals passing meaningless exams is simply turning people into machines which obey. This approach leads people away from challenging their weaknesses and ensures that they stay well within the worn path, walked by others. This approach has failed almost everyone.

Our solution is a radically simple one: take learning away from being a simple memory test, and turn it into a comprehensive development platform. People shouldn’t fear knowledge, people shouldn’t be proud of being bad at Maths, they should want to succeed! The only reason there are such negative associations with education is that of negative experiences. We want to rid people of those experiences and provide them with lifelong tools for understanding our content and how to approach education in a much more beneficial way.

At Pynk, we want to tear the whole script up. Our focus is to develop your financial knowledge, your technological knowledge, and your knowledge of investing; to allow you to access the benefits reserved for those in the upper class.

Our approach is simple, we provide dynamic and adaptive content, with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence designed to show us, in real time, where you need help. But also, where you excel and build upon that. Using these advanced technological methods means we can approach educational content in a way not done before, and test it to demonstrate how effective it can be.

The design we have mapped shows clearly how we will build the foundations and develop solutions across the board to fix these problems. We are using a decentralized system which allows for input from ‘nodes’ around the world which will ensure that a high quality is achieved throughout this development, and our expert advisors will ensure that our tech is Best In Class.

Our content is in bitesize chunks. And, as you develop through it you won’t be blindsided by anything that is beyond what you can handle, or in an unnecessary volume. Further to that, we outline what you need to know, and our syllabus has been tailored and refined by esteemed professors to ensure you gain a grasp of the absolute fundamentals of the entire space.

Our content is broken down into 5 key areas:

  1. Crypto 101
  2. Crypto & the Blockchain
  3. Security
  4. The Noise
  5. Crypto Expert.

We believe in teaching you not only an understanding of Blockchain technology, but also how to secure yourself, how to read the markets, demonstrate a bias within traditional media outlets, and advance your knowledge from there.

Our educative platform is incredibly diverse. For instance, we currently support a podcast (the NotAnotherCryptoPodcast!) designed to give you an informal taste of everything Crypto presented by a nerd and a novice. This way, you can internalize content and develop it independently, so that you really improve your knowledge to match those of the wider environment.

Furthermore, we go beyond just arbitrary education content delivery. Our testing system is designed to be adaptive, and resistant to cheating. We have developed vast banks of questions ensuring randomized requirements for each individual passing through our system. This means that we can ensure that somebody who doesn’t pass the first time can’t simply memorize and repeat to pass through and access the information they don’t understand. We are focused on ensuring everyone moves at their own pace and develop properly.

Pynk wants to educate all generations about the innovative world of the blockchain. Everyone is invited. And everyone can succeed. The educative platform is currently still under construction, however, we hope to add it to the alpha version of our site as soon as possible.

By teaching Crypto, we are building a crowd unrivaled within the blockchain scene. Collectively then, they will be able to make predictions on the market that will be hugely beneficial in influencing the direction of our growing investment fund.

3. Utilizing the triple powers: Crowd Wisdom, Experts, and AI.

Okay, so we have our target market and we are going to educate them all about the exciting world of Crypto. However, whilst it is intriguing and indeed there is a demand to learn about it in an environment which is available to everyone. How does this help Pynk?

Let me explain. We are creating a body of people who are wise about crypto and ultimately we want to utilize that wisdom. Thus, using their new found knowledge we are going to incentivize them to research the markets, be intrigued about developments in all coins, projects and startups associated to blockchain and report back to Pynk. Meanwhile, the crowd is making daily and weekly predictions on our site about the future value of a variety of crypto coins.

And what’s the incentive you ask? Upon making predictions and reporting on exciting crypto projects — depending on the validity of said remarks — they shall be rewarded with our very own token. A token which will soon become very valuable.

Now, that is our first influential director for our investment fund. But two more remain: Experts and AI.

Our Artificial Intelligence systematically examines the vast collection of responses gathered from the crowd and presents consensus data that considers everyone’s predictions and reports.

Then finally, our well-trained Experts, use their traditional experience in the markets, alongside this unprecedented data (provided via crowd and AI), to trade on the market with a knowhow unrivaled in the crypto world.

No wonder studies show that crowd wisdom can beat the market by 74%. Pynk’s crowd does 1000s of hours of research for every investment decision while our AI spots patterns and clusters of expertise within crowd data outputs, so our fund managers can consistently outperform the market.

Fundamentally, therefore, our fund has the potential to be the most successful avenue for retail investment in the crypto world.

4. Ensuring Diversification

The final take home from this read is diversification. When trading alone, not only is one limited in their research capabilities, they can also only invest in a limited number of options due to both financial and time constraints. However, with Pynk’s incredible resources alongside a very large (and growing) fund, we are able to invest in around 200 coins and blockchain projects on any given day.

Furthermore, we do not limit ourselves to simply crypto coins or a mere scattering of startups. Rather we work under the umbrella of ‘blockchain-related’. And that umbrella is incredibly wide. Therefore, we can consider a huge variety of options when debating the funds’ direction. In doing so, exciting opportunities are not overlooked and we can ensure that the fund makes the most of every option.

Thus, our fund is not industry dependent and can deal with the stresses and strains of miscalculation because our interests are widely spread.

Bringing it all together.

Four things. Four characteristics of this fund. Individually they do not make Pynk stand out. But together? They are a force to truly be reckoned with. An investing powerhead that will lead the charge towards the innovative, scary, but more than anything, exciting new world of crypto and blockchain.

The millennial, student-based, demographic, desperate to find any shortcut to paying off those student loans, offers the perfect group for learning about bitcoin. Then as a well-grounded crowd, they are making predictions and suggesting insights that provide an analytical tool unrivaled within the crypto markets.

But to ensure they are successful we have our own key to success: A new approach to education. Ensuring the masses every opportunity to learn and excel within blockchain studies. Our interactive and enjoyable interface creates a medium where, with the right dedication, everyone can succeed.

But alas, a crowd alone is not enough to power a fund as forward-thinking and innovative as Pynk’s. For this reason, two other pillars of the ‘triple powers’ data analysis are required: Experts and AI. The latter automatically shifts through the data provided by our educated, millennial crowd base, whilst finally, the experts, with this fantastic tool, will make the final decisions on exactly where the fund shall operate.

The data analysis and the fund management process is unrivaled in the Crypto scene. Not just because of its intuitive approach to investment but also because Pynk is redefining that scene altogether. Diversification is paramount to the fund’s success. By being able to work under a wide umbrella, a huge variety of ‘blockchain-related’ opportunities are consulted, ensuring that only the best of the best, receive the funding that they deserve.

Pynk is the people-powered learning, educating and investing tool that the crypto world so dearly deserves. The novice can learn his skills, the excited millennial can prove his capability and earn the rewards, whilst the investor can have faith that his money is in safe hands.

Pynk’s is new to town. But it is led by a team dedicated to its success. Our platforms are currently in their Alpha format, however, they are being developed every single day. As our crowd grows, so does our investment portfolio. Join the crowd here today to be part of something huge.