Crypto is the future. This is not questionable. However, we do recognize that the information available about it is both immensely variable and rather confusing. Too often does the fear-mongering mainstream media give doubt to what we genuinely see as the future of currency and automated systems. The potential is incredible.


Nonetheless, at the other end of the scale, we have seen numerous blockchain-enthusiasts overemphasizing its potential at this still, relatively early, stage. In doing so, this does not encourage its development, rather than, create holes due to broken promises and unfulfilled solutions.

At Pynk, we believe that we are positioned at the perfect location between these two spectrum extremes.

A note on Anonymity

With the internet a pivotal part of our lives, it is indeed immensely helpful, nonetheless, in recent years we have seen the global media bring to light the privacy issues affecting many of the internet’s biggest actors such as Facebook amongst others. We value privacy and therefore, online, we value Anonymity.

Moreover, many of these leaks include financial payments such as credit card numbers. In this case, Crypto offers a fantastic remedy. A private and anonymous environment away from prying eyes, both legitimate and illegitimate. A true requirement in this world of worryingly declining privacy levels.

How does this work you ask? Simply put, one must recognize that all Crypto coins are different, but ultimately they run off the same DNA. What we call, their blockchain. Let’s take Bitcoin as the example. Firstly, it is pseudonymous. Ultimately, you always write under your pseudonym which is directly linked to your identity and everything you do under it will be linked to yourself.

In terms of exchange, whenever you complete a transaction, the report is stored in the blockchain. Therefore, whilst every transaction is indeed public, it is impossible for anyone to know the real identity of the ‘transactor’. Or anything else for that matter, i.e. what the size of the transaction was, who you sent the transaction to, where your location is etc.

As sites like Coinbase point out, spying on one’s finances is ultimately “unethical”. It is a highly personal and private activity. A solution has been found. And the investment into coins and projects which use this technology is going to escalate hugely in the coming years. At Pynk we know this and thus are beginning the investment today.


When one thinks about finance, what do we want? We are putting control of our total worth in the hands of a bank or an institution. At Pynk, we know what we want: security and fairness. But in traditional banking structures, there is a central figure. The ‘top-dog’ let’s say, who controls the flow of finance and is the single authority in the system.

With Blockchain, all this changes. What this technology does is rather than waiting on the central figure to agree to the validity of each and every transaction, Blockchain utilizes innovative consensus protocols across a vast network, the community then collectively validates transactions and records data in a manner that is immutable.

What’s more, without a central figure the costs associated with it are extinguished and all those actors participating at the transactional level are on an equal playing field. This is what we call fairness.

Furthermore, the information stored in the Blockchain is so complex that it is near impossible to manipulate. There are numerous pieces of data stored throughout the system, thus requiring a difficult consensus to make any changes. Moreover, as the information is shared via the computing powers of all those involved in the system rather than a sole authoritative body it is far harder to attack and thus very safe. This is what we call security.

We hear every day of hacking crimes of even the largest banks or conglomerates. By taking the power away from a single body and spreading it amongst those involved. Not only do we make a safer environment but also a fairer one. Decentralization is not just interesting, it is necessary.

Blockchain: Access to Everyone

With the world connected now more than ever through the means of the internet, we have already seen this gateway becoming the future of banking. Every day new apps and online commerce opportunities are popping up. At Crypto Crowd we have recognized their potential as a fantastic opportunity for investment. Especially those that run on Blockchain.

Globally there are approximately 2.2 billion individuals with access to the Internet or mobile phones who don’t currently have access to a traditional exchange, these people are primed for the Cryptocurrency market. A fantastic example comes from Kenya’s M-PESA system. This is a mobile phone-based money transfer and micro-financing service which recently announced a bitcoin device. Today one in three Kenyans now owning a bitcoin wallet. This is huge! A developing country needs the innovative rather than the traditional to grow. The blockchain is that innovation.

Furthermore, as cryptocurrencies are not bound by exchange rates, interest rates, and transaction charges, they can be used at an international level above state-mandated restrictions. Resultantly, a business can operate uninterrupted: an efficient marketplace across the medium of smartphone apps.

The blockchain is the inevitable continuation of this pattern of online commerce. At Pynk we have noted this and are building a community to learn, work and invest together. It really is quite exciting!

What’s Next?

Anonymous, decentralized and open. This is what we have obtained from our recent insights into the analysis of crypto and blockchain.

At Pynk, we genuinely see this as the future of online commerce and companies will come to use this technology for their own efficiency, not out of desire but ultimately, as a necessity. This is not a subjective prediction, rather we perceive it as an objective fact. For this reason, we are looking to build an investment fund targeted at blockchain initiatives.

Hold up! Don’t be put off by the word investment! We are not looking to take your money! Rather, we want your help.

You see, we know that there is a huge community of individuals out there with the potential and knowledge to be wildly successful blockchain investors. However, often they have neither the means or the capital to do so themselves. Therefore, we want you to join the community!

Our alpha site was launched earlier this week. And the beta will be coming out very soon. Followed by an app! Upon (free) registration, you will have the tools at your disposal to make predictions and publications about your thoughts and insights of the blockchain markets. Collectively then, our AI system will decipher the community’s collective decision which will be pivotal to our fund managers’ investment direction.

In doing so. By being part of this community. You shall be rewarded with points which will soon represent our own token. A token that we are sure will soon hold significant value.

The last several points have outlined the necessity of having blockchain technology in everyday life. It is, therefore, an incredibly attractive opportunity for investment. You can help us with that by only forgoing your time. But the rewards will be tremendous.

Sign up here today.

Best, Isaac.