DeFi and what Pynk will become

Al Wallace
Dec 6, 2019 · 4 min read

If you’re anything like me, over the last few weeks and months you’ve found yourself watching more and more of team Pynks progress. Watched as our Rock stars Rupert Barksfield and Seth Ward took to the stage in front of over 15,000 people at Websummit 2019 Lisbon and again at the Wolves Summit in Warsaw. You’re probably excited to see photos of our Zack working on beta 2.0 with the Flatiron guys and chomping at the bit to see what will come of that and last but by no means least our CMO Mark absolutely smashed it out at the European Fintech summit in Vienna where he talked about, open finance and social investing.

Yes, I think it’s fair to say it’s an exciting time to be a Pynkster and what makes it even more exciting is that this is just the very beginning. As 2019 draws to a close and we start looking into 2020 we have much to remain enthusiastic about — NASDAQ just added on beta. An exciting new way for Pynksters to engage with one another on its way (more on that soon :D) and that’s just for starters!

But did you ever stop to think long term? what will Pynk become? What will be your role in this thing called Pynk? What does the future hold for Pynksters?

DeFi. Never heard of it? No? Neither had I until a few months back. It’s a shortened version of ‘Decentralised Finance’ and is a broadly used buzz word that describes a lot of different financial products that, often through technologies such as blockchain, have aspects of their makeup empowered by a decentralised body.

In the case of Pynk our decentralised element comes from our crowd (that’s you!) spread out and working towards a common goal, each bringing their own unique set of ideas, backgrounds and skillsets and feeding that data into our ever-hungry A.I. Rose. It’s here where our decentralised aspect connects up nicely with the Wisdom of the Crowd. Having such a broad group of crowd members from all around the world isn’t just good In a thoroughly modern, right on, power to the people, integrated society kind of way.

It also maintains the integrity of our data.

If we all worked together somewhere in a stuffy office we’d likely be sharing thoughts and opinions and the likelihood is also that the people with stronger personalities would start to influence the opinions of others and that some, rather than being the ‘odd man out’, would acquiesce to the opinions of the majority. This is known as an information cascade and can create negative, corrupt data for Rose — bad news indeed!

So it’s crucial that we remain decentralised, your individuality and your opinion is so important.

The 10k hearts bit is important too. We don’t just want 10, 000 members all choosing to invest in anything, regardless of whether they are faceless automatons or money-hungry multinational conglomerates. We’d like to grow in tandem with others who have similar values and passions, who share a love for making the world better together and that could be anything from groundbreaking medical technologies or innovative AI solutions that help to solve issues for remote populations.

Analyse with your heart and your mind. Unicorns don’t mix well with ogres!

So what does the future hold for Pynks crowd of 10k predictors?

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Imagine a future where groups of Pynksters are working remotely yet all together, each using their own unique set of analysis skills, background biases and opinions and all the other wonderful things that make each individual crowd member unique. Considering, analysing and predicting on the profitability and compatibility of new assets, stocks or companies to fund or invest in. 10k hearts and minds all working together to make things better, to create opportunities where there are none. To fund ethical and mould-breaking start-ups to excel and, in doing so, create jobs, wealth and all the other benefits that come along for people in each corner of the globe.

Imagine that together we would support companies not just because they were financially lucrative but because they were ethically benign, ecologically progressive or socially empowering

Imagine the possibility that having each asset analysed and researched so thoroughly by Pynks decentralised body that time after time we’d pick the #tech4good movers, shakers and game changers before anyone else and ride the wave of prosperity along with those companies.

That would be good for everyone, right?

And if it’s good for everyone maybe, just maybe, we can change the world altogether.

If you have any questions — jump into our community, DM us on FB Messenger or drop us an email at and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Alistair Wallace

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Pynk’s ‘Crowd Wisdom’ system combines our crowd, experts and A.I. to make smarter investment decisions. People Powered Investment.

Al Wallace

Written by

Pynk community moderator. Reading and blogging about DeFi, Investment and Blockchain technology. A believer in the power of people working together.



Pynk’s ‘Crowd Wisdom’ system combines our crowd, experts and A.I. to make smarter investment decisions. People Powered Investment.

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