Exciting New Blockchain Startups Happening Right Now!

At Pynk, we aspire to be part of a crowd which has a collective knowledge of the bitcoin market that outpasses any other investment fund. In doing so, we can locate only the most exciting and innovative startups which we predict as having potential and thus be a target for our investment fund. Today, therefore, we thought it would be a pretty cool idea for the team here at Pynk to put together our five favourite startups that we are talking about right now!

1. Bitgive

Since their founding in 2013, Bitgive has partnered with international relief efforts and local charities, seeking to create better communities, and carried out global campaigns to encourage giving in bitcoin. They offer a refreshing take on charity because they let donors easily see how their donations are spent and what the result is. Unlike traditional slow-paced, currency transfer which often has its inefficiencies, for instance, money being stuck in bank accounts or in extreme cases corruption. Bitigve uses its unique GiveTrack system which lets the donator donate bitcoin in seconds and they can see in real time its transaction process across borders and to the hand of those who really need it. This is because all donations are made on an open public ledger that cannot be tampered with. Bitgive is just another way for opening up the system of inevitable stress-free monetary transaction!

2. Democracy.Earth

With the rise of open source software and peer to peer networks, political intermediation is no longer necessary. For this reason the guys at Democracy.Earth are building Sovereign, an open source and decentralized democratic governance protocol for any kind of organization. What this basically entails is taking the power away from the select few in traditional, institutional politics and giving it back to the people. Ultimately, using their interface they intend to reimagine the established order such that everyone within society can regularly vote on common issues. In doing so, elite politicians are no longer responsible and the people can reattain responsibility for their own futures. Furthermore, people can delegate their voting power to people they trust: a friend or a colleague. Liquid democracy like this will not only increase political participation but also improve everybody’s understanding of day-to-day politics. Working this way ensures that the most informed members of society can contribute the best way possible to the political sphere, without dedicating their lives to it. Using the interface is simple and effective, but most notably, you log in using keys known only by yourself and the blockchain, not big brother. Ultimately, this innovation may seem futuristic, but it is today that we have the technology and willpower to establish politics to the betterment of everyone and Democracy.Earth is leading the charge to do so.

3. Skycoin

The original purpose of digital currency was to reinvent the economy so that users could be independently empowered to trade in a peer-to-peer fashion, without interference from centralized powers. At Skycoin, they believe strongly in this mission and that’s why the Skycoin blockchain is designed to benefit all users, not just a select few. Satoshi envisioned Bitcoin as a decentralized digital currency: blockchain networks were intended to democratize finance, eliminating corporate control and spreading power among users. However, Bitcoin and related currencies have become centralized due to their reliance on Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms, as well as their use of mining to create coins. This centralization defeats the original purpose of digital currencies. That’s where Skycoin comes in. The Skycoin blockchain uses a novel consensus algorithm to replace PoW and PoS. It also fixes security problems associated with other blockchain networks and decouples coin creation from the mining process. The result is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency that fulfills Satoshi’s original vision. Furthermore, the Skycoin blockchain does not use mining, so user power cannot be concentrated in a few large mining pools as it is with Bitcoin today. Instead, the supply of Skycoin is fixed and transactions occur in seconds and are more secure. Skycoin remembers why we all got so excited a few years ago with the onset of CryptoCurrencies and it is ensuring we don’t stray off the path, from what Satoshi new, was a game changer.

4. Good Money

This one is quite mysterious and very new, it’s website doesn’t offer us much at all. Nonetheless, they sell themselves as: ” a millennial mobile-first banking platform with a flat-crypto interoperability that empowers global citizens to be part of a more equitable and transparent world.” Effectively it is a mobile crypto wallet that will double as bank, payment system and investment platform (among many other things). It also promises to let users decide which socially good causes to devote company profits too. Good Money plans to produce a two token Initial Coin Offering very soon and its success relies upon its mega bloggers which will aim to bring onboard their millennial target market. Whilst, such projects are rather quite common amongst the blockchain scene, Good Money’s innovative attitude, exciting marketing campaign and experienced founding team really make them one to watch.

5. Innovation Park

Okay, a little bit of an interesting one to finish! Innovation Park is millionaire, Jeffery Berns’ latest project. He has revealed his designs for a utopian community in the Nevada desert run completely on blockchain technology. A very exciting prospect for anyone in the Crypto world! The city would run on the Ethereum blockchain, a decentralized infrastructure that Berns says could provide the foundation for a community independent of the capitalistic world we live in. The designers claim that multiple innovative technologies will change the way its residents interact on a daily basis and blockchain technology will be at the center of it all — keeping systems honest, fair and democratic. This may all be a little extravagant but the project has real financial banking, with Berns already investing $300 million which he made completely from investing in Ether in 2013. Don’t overlook this one, could be very exciting!

And that’s all folks…

And that’s all for this week! Let us know if you have any questions about these projects. At Pynk we are always so excited to locate new exciting blockchain related ventures and we intend to promote another five next month. In the meanwhile be sure to check out our site here, because every day our crowd is growing, as we become the most informed blockchain related investment fund on the scene!

See you next week, Isaac.