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Jul 12 · 2 min read

Rupert Barksfield | COO/Co-founder

My role here at Pynk involves running the operational side of the business and taking the lead on business development - a role I really enjoy. I’m in the privileged position of meeting potential partners from all walks of the fin-tech industry, and these partners are crucial in helping Pynk make the rapid progress we have enjoyed over the last 18 months.

You might have seen from previous Pynk blog posts on the importance we place on accelerators, after-all the Pynk founding team met at the Founder Institute London Cohort. Along with seasoned advice, they help us build our network and unlock previously inaccessible opportunities across product, marketing and investor networks.

For those that keep a close eye on Pynk, you will have seen from our social posts that I spent this week in Poland at the prestigious 360 Lab accelerator.

Of all the events I have attended over the last year — the Xcite startup pitch hosted by 360 Lab was on another level all together. Having previously worked in the event industry for some years, I understand exactly what it takes to deliver a show of this calibre. The photos below say it all!

Pitching Pynk in the Xcite finals

The event aside, what really impresses me about 360 Lab is the vision. My takeout is they will be europes answer to Y-Combinator and that they will achieve this ambitious goal in the very near future.

In our first day, the team shared the pillars that support the 360 Lab ‘Global Ecosystem’. If you’re a credible tech start-up from this side of the pond and you’re looking for a partner to help you access Silicon Valley and global markets — then this is the place you need to be.

A warm congratulations from Xcite host Silvia Schneider

There are 8 supporting pillars which are their Incubator, PMO, Tech Lab, Code Lab, Co-working space, Accelerator, VC arm and Company builders. It’s a one-stop shop for the top 5 projects of 930 applicants that 360 Lab deem good enough to get behind.

I’m relieved to say that Pynk is one of those projects and we can’t wait to start working with the extended 360 Lab team later this year. Let’s do this!!

If you’re a similar stage tech startup and looking for insight into 360 Lab, feel free to contact me for my thoughts — or leave your comments below and I will try to respond.

Rupert Barksfield

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Pynk’s ‘Crowd Wisdom’ system combines our crowd, experts and A.I. to make smarter investment decisions. People Powered Investment.

Rupert Barksfield

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Founder | Father | Advisor | Speaker | Investor | Pynk.Io, Crypto & Blockchain



Pynk’s ‘Crowd Wisdom’ system combines our crowd, experts and A.I. to make smarter investment decisions. People Powered Investment.

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