Turning market predictions into Cash!

Welcome back to Pynk. What a week it has been here. Our Beta model is developing smoothly, our team is growing and our crowd is bigger than ever. The crowd, that’s you — slaving away at your library desk or on the long return bus journey from yet another away match. Sitting there thinking, “how am I going to pay for tonight’s round of drinks?” Or, perhaps more importantly, “how on earth am I going to pay back these ludicrous tuition fees?” Well at Pynk, with your help, and our newly established prediction platform, we sincerely believe that we can help you out…

Being part of the Crowd.

Pynk is in all cases, people-powered. We are indeed an investment fund. But a fund powered by the people. We focus on investing in blockchain related coins, startups, and projects. But which to choose? Where to direct our increasingly growing assets? Clearly, these are very important questions for any fund — but at Pynk we are adamant that we have a pretty nifty answer: THE CROWD.

As part of the crowd, members across the globe are using our platform to make predictions on the market. These predictions can be made daily, but preferably we would like users to be able to make predictions, on certain markets, in 1-day, 7-day, 30-day and 90-day time periods. In doing so we can build an amazing analytical body that can collectively make a realistic and more importantly, incredibly useful, interpretation of the market. Currently, our Beta website allows users to do this across numerous Crypto, Stock and Currency markets. However, as we develop as a company we intend to diversify — allowing users to analyze a myriad of markets and likewise undertake research into individual startups which they believe could be an incredibly beneficial option for our fund.

But what’s the incentive for you?

Let me tell you… For every prediction you make you shall be rewarded with Pynk Points. And as you make more predictions your points shall begin to grow. What’s more, depending on how accurate your predictions are you shall be rewarded with even more points. Then, now this is the exciting bit, with the official launch of our fund in early 2019, a percentage of the profits shall be distributed back to our crowd and shared evenly depending on everyone’s points totals. Now we are not going to make any silly predictions right now, but as a team, we are dedicated to building a successful fund and we genuinely think that our crowd can make a very tasty profit on our platform. We intend to have $5billion dollars under management within the next five years, so we are not messing around!

Everyone is invited!

Our crowd, we ideally see as entrepreneurial students, with a drive for being successful in finance. But that does not mean only the top students of finance degrees can take part in making predictions. Anyone can! Obviously, we have provisions in place for stopping people taking advantage of the platform without having made any significant solo research beforehand, but ultimately, if you can prove yourself to be a worthy predictor then you are very welcome to join our crowd.

Even with zero experience in finance, or blockchain for that matter, at Pynk we are offering you the ability to get involved. This is because we have also created an educational platform where anybody can learn all about trading, markets and most importantly, knowing how to make valid predictions. In doing so you can earn the bragging rights as a well-educated member of the crowd and become a well-respected individual on the platform.

With time, we intend to build excitement among the crowd by building a competitive leaderboard into our site. Soon you shall be able to see your points relative to your friends and discover who is the best predictor of all kinds of stocks within both your personal friendship group and collectively across the whole crowd.

Furthermore, whilst our Beta format of the platform is currently only available via our desktop website, our tech guys are working around the clock to get you guys a mobile app version as soon as possible. This will become our primary medium and everyone will be able to make predictions wherever you are, whenever you are.

Looking to the future.

Indeed, this is early days here at Pynk. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited. By becoming part of the crowd at this early stage, you can build a tremendous amount of points before our first profits begin to roll in, come 2019. You are not responsible for providing any cash. We already have investors and are growing our financial capital as we speak. All we ask from you is your time, dedication and genuine interest in the marketplace. Trading is no longer an old man’s game for Wall Streets’ most pretentious members. It’s time for the millennial generation to earn its place.

Pynk: Invest Different. Invest Pynk.