What on earth happened at the Christmas Party?!

Last week was a big one for Pynk. As a startup, spread geographically across Europe we had our first official, in person, team meeting on the South Bank of the Thames in London.

It was an awesome opportunity to get to know one another more and to talk openly, no matter whatever one’s position is in the company, about where we see Pynk going in 2019. That’s the beauty about working in Pynk’s all-inclusive, equal environment. Everybody has their role to play and everybody’s opinion matters.

What began with several hours of meetings, with presentations from Mark (CMO), Seth (CEO) and Ru (COO), ended with several more pint’s of beer in the pub. It was a fantastic way to build friendships amongst the team and delegate everyone’s roles for the upcoming, post-Christmas, quarter. The team is what make’s Pynk so special. This budding group of individuals are incredibly passionate about the future of FinTec and Pynk’s substantial role to play within that arena.

The horizon is Pynk!