DPS909 — rc 0.3 — Week 2

Today blog will continue the issue last week, and work on new issue of the same project Vuetify

The First Issue (Part 2)

Quick recap: last week was for adapting to the project (learn the dependencies, the structures, guidelines,…). Next work is to solve the problem of v-menu on overflow page.

Let’s take quick look at the issue. The menu content has incorrect position when scrolling. If we don’t scroll, it’s fine, but the further we scroll, the further the menu goes wrong. This means the inaccuracy scales with the status of the scroll bar. Therefore, we just need to adjust position of the menu content with window.scrollX or window.pageXOffset.

The issue

Now we need to find where the logic of setting menu content position is. There are two ways to achieve, one is to use the debugger, and one is the classical console.log(). I prefer the latter, because I can improve the ability to read code fast and guess the problem quickly. Here after I traced all the way to the logic, I put the additional lines to fix the issue.

Follow the current code style to get scroll bar value
Issue was fixed

After that the issue was solved, and by the time i’m writing this blog, my PR was merged.

The Second Issue

The next issue I chose to work on was a bug when entering a letter eats up the numbers in VTextField with mask. This time I was already familiar with the project, so I could just go straight to the issue and fix it. The process was while complicated, I had to change some logics, but the works can be shown as the pictures below. Issue and PR link are in the last section of this blog.

Issue — Entering letters eats up numbers
Fixed — VTextField with mask works properly

Next Steps

Next work I’m gonna join the internal project Creative-Collab which is quite new and need a lot of works.