DPS909 — rc 0.3 — Week 3

For the last week of release 0.3, I started to work on an internal project of classmate.


The project is a small web game, where people will collaborate with each other to write a story.

Creative-Collab app

The owner of project Mera Gangapersaud has found a simple game framework Boardgame.io as the foundation, and spent the first weeks to do research on it. Unfortunately this process took a quite longer time than it should, resulting in last week there was a reconstruct PR to reorganize the project, because its initial state was a little bit of messy (more detail on the discussion here)

However everything went well after that, and we changed the workflow to the right path, determining the core features, drawing the prototypes, and follow them to start the initial codes.

Basically the app needs two interfaces, one is the welcome screen for creating game or joining a game, one for the game field to play. I made this PR to build the foundation of the app, so contributors can start to work on small pieces. It has been 4 days and the PR still hasn’t been merged yet, but I hope it will be soon, so the development can continue to go.

One of the core UI and feature